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    MSG Commander

    So I don’t know but I think I’m at the end of the game, but all of the sudden I’m losing 2 out of every 3 battles. It doesn’t seem to matter who’s in my party or what skills I use, the enemies are just too numerous and too powerful. 👿

    Oh I’m currently in the Volcano I, and it looks like all my characters are level 27 (and I’m on Normal difficulty.) I’m frustrated because the game’s actually been pretty fun up to this point.

    Anyway for anyone who’s played this one, do you have any tips for party selection for late game?

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    MSG Commander

    Well, I found a cheap way around the problem. :unsure:

    In this game, every dungeon has a set number of random encounters, and once that number reaches zero, you won’t run into anymore. (Unless you go into the menu and choose “Fight.”)

    Well, at any point in any dungeon, you can go into the menu and choose “Fight” and, if you win that battle, it reduces the number of remaining battles by 1 (until you reach zero.)

    So, my strategy at this point is to park myself at the entrance to the volcano, save, and fight – and save again after each fight I win. I still lose more battles than I win, but each victory brings me that teensy bit closer to no more random encounters. It’s slow, and painful, but it’s working. 👿

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    I played this a long time ago, and I recall I liked it and it wasn’t too difficult. I don’t have my own notes, but I do have a very good walkthrough I downloaded (no longer at the same url) which I can send you if you like. And I think there is quite a bit still after the volcano.

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    MSG Commander

    Yeah, I just finished the volcano and was all like, “Sweet, I won!” And then, the dialogue, “but Cthulhu is not a true hero yet.”

    Got to the next dungeon and it’s got 35 random encounters! (So I’m calling it a night…) :angry:

    If you want to send me that walkthrough, I think I’d like to look it over.

    P.S. I AM enjoying the game; I just really SUCK at strategy. 😛

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