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    In this game, you are able to switch between many jobs and level them up as the game goes on. However, when you level up, only your HP and MP increase. Your stats increase due to the classes you take on no matter who you are. The excel picture included shows the stat gains from the base (Hunter) job to the Wind Mage job. In short, anyone can take on any job and be good enough to perform the job though some are better than others. HOWEVER. The Eq. X skills are completely useless. They allow you to equip any weapon but the game dose not give you the strength, stamina, or magic needed to make the weapon/armor useful. In FF5, if you equipped EquipSwords, the skill raises your strength so you can do decent damage with a sword even if you’re a magic user with low STR.

    In short, the Equip X skills are not worth giving up a passive slot and Leveling up only raises your HP&MP. Jobs raise your stats by set amounts.

    TIP: Master Scout(basic), then Thief(Tier 1) and Archer (Tier 1), then Thruller(Tier 2), Then Chaser(Tier 3) Lv1 to get “Mug“. Mug makes you attack and steal at the same time which is VERY VERY useful and a straight-up upgrade to your basic attack. Once you have mug, throw away attack as one of your command skills and watch as every time you attack, you’re stealing something (or attempting to). Having Mug will help you gather the coins needed for coin collection quests.

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