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    1. if you want to enjoy the postgame, DONT USE ALZER. Ditch him as soon as you get more than 3 party members (I used Gurid, Catia, and Reia) If you dont care about the postgame, use him by all means necessary. Why you ask? Well, Open the spoiler below at your own risk.

    Spoiler title
    Alzer disappears and leaves your party for good after you defeat the final boss. You will never ever get Alzer back even if you go to the true ending.

    2. Nearly everything in this game is weak to light. Take advantage of that by using Magicker to learn Light Spark. Gurid also has a Limit break that is light based so when you get Gurid, make sure you set and activate his Divine rage skill.

    3. When you get a new character, switch their style to neutral and level neutral up to 20 to unlock each character’s unique style. Those unique styles offer some of the best abilites for the characters. For example, Reia learns Cure Ray which Damages the enemy with light magic and heals the whole party at the same time. Its more awesome than you think it is.

    4. The game does not tell you this so let me tell you. You can set skills you learn from mastered styles by going to Skills>Set>And set all of your skills from there.

    5. Debuffs in this game dont do much but buffs most certainly do. Take advantage of them.

    6. The divine mountain that requires DSP offers accessories that allow certain enterprises to be used wheather if you’ve mastered the job or not.

    7. The Temple of trials has 12 lords that must be defeated along with the Hell lord. Once you defeat the hell lord, you gain one of each stat boosting item. (WORST LOOT EVER)

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