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    I’m currently replaying this game and decided to do the Tower of Trials, and also unlock as many Styles as possible. So I’ve been grinding for 5 hours already, I’m level 85 and don’t think I’ll master every Style anymore… it’s just taking tooooooooooooooo long….

    But I would like to finish the Tower. I’ve made it to the 6th boss and that’s where I get wrecked. I’m using Catia, Reyna, and Gurid. Anyone have any advice on what skills or levels I should have to finish the Tower?

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    Oh I beat that with a Lv 73 Jack Knight Gurid, Lv 68 Hero Catia and Lv 68 Wonderer Reia. I used the IAP for the crappy bonus dungeon which gave me accessories i can use to get enterprises easily. such as the hero’s Divine strike. Reia learns Cure Laser in the Wonderer style which attacks the enemy with Light and Heals the party for a pretty good chunk of their HP. A LOT of the enemies in the game (bosses included) are weak to light and even if they are neutral to or resist light, The healing is still damn awesome. I had Gurid game some levels in the hero with the Fist of Justice skill and I had him and Catia use the fist of justice while Reia spammed cure laser every round. I also had Catia Master the supporter class for Magic burst that made Reia’s cure laser even more broken as well as Power burst to make the fist of justice spam stronger.

    Style levels:
    Jack Knight(Master Neutral)-Lv 18
    Attacker-Lv 15
    Majicker-Lv 5
    Magic Knight- MASTERED

    Cursed Durand- 150 ATK + All attacks need 2 AP
    Deschamp Armor- 80 DEF+ 3 DEF per turn
    Philosopher Journal-50% more XP
    Chameleon Mantle- 50% more BP

    Eraser (Master Neutral)- Lv 10 (Full of useless aliment and Dark skills)
    Attacker- Lv 10
    Sponsor(Sciencer and supporter are at Lv 10)-MASTERED
    Hero(DLC)- Lv 2

    Odin Sword- +42 ATK
    Zachary Armor- +90 DEF + AP Regen
    Revenge charm-Enables Preservence
    Coat of arms- Enables infinite aura

    Wonderer-Lv 19
    NEcromancer (Healer Lv 10)-MASTERED

    Eclipse- +28 ATK +90 MAG + Attacks cost 2 AP
    Devil Robe- +77 DEF+ +3 MAG per turn
    Royal Mask-Allows Regality
    Time Key- Allows Doublecast< YOU NEED THIS

    Just a FYI, The reward upon beating the trials (there’s 13 Floors) is a bunch of seeds. What a shoddy reward.

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    MSG Commander

    Thanks. I’m grinding right now to see how long it takes to earn 250 IAP for the bonus dungeon; so far I’ve beat 890 out of 1000 battles… of course it’s taken an extra 6 hours or so of game play

    I’ll try your setup once I’ve unlocked the bonus dungeon. I’ll also post a screenshot of my game time in the appropriate forum once I’m all done.

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    MSG Commander

    A little late, but just thought I’d post an update anyway. I fought 1,000 battles so I could earn 100 IAP and unlock the bonus dungeon… and it was absolutely NOT AT ALL worthwhile… it took me 8 extra hours, and by then the items in the bonus dungeon weren’t even worth acquiring…

    Well anyway here’s some shots of my party stats after almost 15 hours of gameplay: (Advisory: do NOT try this at home. It’s just not worth the time lol.)




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    Hey guys, just a quick question.

    How do I farm stat boosting items for permanent stat increases? Seems the only way is to pay for premium points and buy them from the DSP shop. I hope certain enemies will likely drop them? Or if we repeat the Tower of Trials bosses over and over again? I’m obessed with maxing out stats in RPGs lol so don’t mind me πŸ˜†


    I’d just keep doing the tower of trails over and over.

    We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.

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