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    I just recently bought this game from Google Play on my Samsung Galaxy phone as I have heard about this game since it came out a few years back. And right now I have a question as described on this topic title…


    How many characters join you in this game? Are there any ‘optional’ party members that I must be aware of? Do they join temporarily, or just come and go? Is there an option where you can allow all characters at the very end of the game?


    I’m not really into the jrpg’s where most party members just leave and then rejoin the party or would leave for good and get a replacement party member, I mean I dunno! I just love collecting characters and grinding levels and permanent stat boosts for maxed out stats where they literally ‘break’ the game!


    You’ve come to the right place. This is one of the JRPGS where party members leave. So to save you the trouble, Alzer will leave your party for good after you kill the final boss. Even if you get the true ending, you’ll never get Alzer back. So the moment a character whose starting style is “Magic Knight” shows up, replace Alzer with him and forget about using Alzer.

    There are 6 characters that join you in this short game but as mentioned above, You’ll go into the postgame with only 5 characters.

    Also, if you want to break the game, Make Reia master her starting Netrual style and then master the style that becomes unlocked after Netrual hits Lv 20. That style gives Reia a spell that deals Light damage while also healing EVERYONE in your party at the same time. Even when against enemies that Resist light.

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