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    For lack of a new game, I’ve been replaying a couple of the old ones. I don’t remember finishing Dead Dragons when I first played it. It’s not terrible, but it never really hooked me. So back into the fray I went….and had several d’oh moments as I fast-forwarded through a lot of dialog. :whistle: Be warned, if you are impatient like me, figuring out what to do or where to go next can leave you perplexed. The in-game story list is often less than helpful. The following info will include some general game info and some helpful (hopefully) tips.

    • Multiple Difficulties: No
    • Battle Shortcut: No
    • Dungeon Heal Spot: Yes. In fact, this is the “healing-est” game I have ever played. There’s a heal spot at/near the dungeon entrance. There’s a heal spot at/near the dungeon end. The party heals when leveling up. The party heals at the end of Ruin Mode. The party heals after most boss fights.
    • Post Game Content: Well, you can start a new game+ (NG+). I just don’t know why at this point. (Finished a NG+ and nothing was different. I even used a different team.) When you load the clear data file, a new game starts. Your characters will start at their normal-start level, but the stats you’ve fortified will be carried over. Gold is also carried over to the NG+. And you’ll still have many of your consumable item inventory…just not the good stuff like Dragon Wings. If you had the EXP boost accessories, they’ll be there too; so it’s really easy to speed-level your characters as equipping 2 of the accessories allows you to get 4x EXP.
    • Bonus Dungeons: There are two bonus dungeons in the premium shop, Cave of Purification (100 DDP) and Forbidden Area (200 DDP). Forbidden Area has the best armor and weapons in the game. TIP: Get the Amazon Underground version of the game. Although you can earn premium points (One point for every 5 battles won.), you can get all the DDP you want for free from the Amazon Underground Actually Free version.
    • Ruin Mode: Will and Shikina get their Ruin Mode during normal story progress. Nichay (very-late-game character) already has her Ruin Mode when she joins the party. However, Oliver and Alk each have an event to trigger to get theirs.


      After Will turns into a dragon, go to the town of Raniera to trigger a scene. Then go to the end area of Larula Mine to battle the talking sword and shield. After defeating them, Oliver will be able to use Ruin Mode.


      After Will turns into a dragon, go to the town of Ehilki to trigger a scene. Then go to the end area of Uria Lake Path to battle the evil armor. After defeating the armor, Alk will be able to use Ruin Mode.

    • Where’s the ship? Again, FF thru dialog isn’t always wise. Sometimes there is “helpful” dialogue such as where the danged ship is. (I wandered around for a good bit before figuring it out.) After Alk arranges for the ship, just go outside, face the water, and press the confirm button. Apparently, you carry the ship with you.
    • Where’s the Village of the Folk of the Dragon God? (In case you forget between the first and second visits.) You won’t see it on the World Map, but it’s through the Shadowland Cave.
    • Where’s Dark Hill? In the middle of map, there is group of islands (West and slightly south of Raniera). Dark Hill is the center island.
    • Where’s Kroroam’s location? There’s a village you haven’t visited yet, Sool. It’s on the large island/continent west of Fulto.
    • Where’s the Heavenly Fortress? It’s an island in the sky. Really. And it’s tiny. And north of Dark Hill.
    • Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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    MSG Commander

    Looking good, 3beez!

    I, for one, gave up on this game probably about 12 hours in, because I couldn’t remember where to go next, and there’s no in-game hints or “story quest” or such that I could find, to remind me where to go…

    All your base are

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