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    I’m at the end of the game after taking a break from playing. I noticed I’m missing Pure’s second water skill and I can’t remember well enough to backtrack through the dungeons until I find it. It’s item 71, a cane. Can anyone tell me its name or where I can find it? If not can anyone tell me the order the dungeons are visited in so I can look?


    This probably isn’t what you are asking about, but the only “cane” I recall (an item, not a skill):

    Cane of Magaseism dropped by Aurora
    Cane of Whirling Waves dropped by Flauros

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    Hi 1oldtymer, the Cane of Whirling Waves is the one I was missing! Unfortunately it looks like it was one of the areas bombed off the map. I’ll try to find it in a New Game Plus. Thanks again!

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