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    Having at least completed the side stuff i found and not really mentioned anywhere since no real walkthrough exist.

    So Saving Ellis or not ?

    Well, i would recommend to do both. let her die and go to the sage. if you do this, all the teammate will become stronger because you don’t adjust who is in the main team all the time to enhance all the skills. the end is still correct and enjoyable.

    To save her, simply goes back to Kashim. on the north (the blasted forest) there is a cavethat you should have forgotten from the beginning of the game with an android head (no, it is not Dauturu). when you enter the cave, a scene occur and the design changes slightly but in the end, you find the piece. now go to the sage, Ellis is still there in the main team and you switch people again and again if you wish to complete all skills. the second ending is a little longer and better with Ellis alive.

    I found some side quest, all given by “Tali’s sorcerer like” but even if they are available during the normal run, i found them and complete them in post game. regarding the extra dungeon and quests, i think they are post game only (due to the beasts power, otherwise battling is possible if the warehouse things is unlocked in normal run but i didn’t try it). the arena should be available also during normal run.

    1. Tali’s sorcerer : if you give him a ellistone he will let you choose between 3 items : dominance heart => all magic costs 1 MP, radiance heart => hyper stat booster (+50 everywhere) and innocence heart => recover 5% HP and MP each turn of a battle, providing you survive (and versus the 2 extra bosses it is quite useless). My only problem is that i never found an ellistone in game. i gained all 3 by using the inapp purchase shop…
    2. Bringing heat flower and snow one : The side quest is activated on the desert village by talking to the guy. in the desert you need to find a snow box, it’s a small boss to kill but i was obliged to kill it 2 times. first time near the mountain on the south side of the desert but it doesn’t give me the flower. the second time, i found it in the middle of the map not so far from the desert village. regarding the snow flower and the snow box, it was easier to find, i went to the arctic island with the extra dungeon on it and found it in the forest of the west of the island. maybe a fluke, it gives me the item the first time.
    3. Bringing 5 letters to people around the world : the idea is to go in the village of the small island to the south. in the inn, a guy has some broken leg and ask you to deliver the letters. read the content to find the people, woman, man, child, old man and girl not necessarily in this order of course;
    4. Bringing 5 talismans to one guy to obtain an item : in the no name village on the north part of the map (near the forest dungeon, a guy is waiting in the bush. you should have all the talisman up to now. after he gives the list, talk again to receive the reward.
    5. Collector’s house : here the only item of interest is the spike boots to walk freely on the snow.
    6. Collector’s back house : outside of the collector’s mansion, on the right is a secret door. one guy offer to rename all the character (pointless especially at this stage but anyway…) and the other guy proposed to exchange the crest crystal against weapons. if you have steel all the bosses up to now you have enough to obtain 5 of the 6 weapons. if you need an additional crystal, there is one waiting behind a tree in the first town kashim. i think there is another one in tali in the south part again hidden by a tree (a child is playing there near a pond). i still think it’s a crest orb.
    7. The story about the 3 warehouse : objective is of course to obtain the sapphire rose. you will need to clear 3 warehouses (surja, tali and ramona). in tali there is snow in the warehouse so the special boots from the collector house are necessary. witht he sapphire rose in the pocket, it’s time for black market as it is also a membership card.
    8. Access to the black market to buy the black gem. it is in surja on the lower left. you can see a small portion of the door but you really need to zigzag between the tree to go in it. some useful items like ancient medecine and the black gem await.
    9. Killing the 3 beasts to obtain all 3 bangles : in the desert ruin on the right part of the dungeon (closer to the exit). be sure to steal the weapon (corsesca). then in the sunken palace. take the immediate right toward the river. it’s waiting there (annoying beast with claws giving bad statuses). again be sure to steal. last in the mountain path, two screens before the cavern is the last one (brutal minothaur, be sure to end it quick).
    10. Kill the diabolic aurora : go on the arctic island and enter the extra dungeon. loot all the weapon and don’t approach the girl as long as everything is not maxed out. with solid character you will win. be sure to have a quick team that can go in defense mode every 5 turns (sometimes 6 turns). otherwise, look at your party being destroyed and saved by the burla power of Pure. a possible way to avoid this is of course to complete the HP+500 and equip everyone with a bangle that gives 500 more HP. my personal score was 16 turns when Ellis died, 26 and 21 turns when i saved Ellis. be sure to steal her item. i still think that this game could have been a spin off of symphony of origin thanks to aurora being a demon but no traces of unicorn people here. also Ellis is an android but even with the last boss in the puzzle it doesn’t really fit with the mythos of symphony games and knight of the earthends.
    11. Kill the king of emptyness : this guy has a very powerful magic, fire of inferno. even in normal mode, it can one shot your team unless you have lots of HP and solid magic defense. the king gives sometime bad status to one character. the battle is not so long but you will flirt with the edge of death frequently. curiously Pure refuses to use her Burla power in this battle but everyone else manifested (with something like 30k damage for Crag). i admit it was hard to kill him just on normal and didn’t try on other difficulty level. fact is that the guy gives you a lapis lazuli which is not that bad.
    12. Finish the arena (way easier to do it last especially for single battles with super power) :Team battle are at this point irrelevant (but if you tried them before it would have been way harder). regarding the single battle, it is noted that Ellis third battle is a pain (you need to steal the item and throw it to the foe, then kill it with a specific skill, zodiac things) and also i equipped of lapis lazuli and dominance heart Spirit to succeed against the second foe, a medusa head which is a pain otherwise (one shot with death or magic without any possibilities to move). for other battles, no particular issue just use th emost powerful skill available. the weapon are not great but of course you have raid the extra dungeon so don’t expect miracles.

    I really enjoy the post game since nothing is said and even maybe i missed some other things on the contrary of most of the kemco’s game where everything is said. in the end, it is true that this is the best part of the game.

    In a certain way, that game deserves to have a proper walkthrough but this is an effort i’m no more able to do, as for Alphadia 2 or Dark Gate, a lot of things are not said simply by reading the forums and you need to be smart to join all the wagon together sometimes.

    Android is unique

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    MSG Commander

    One of the things I loved about this game was that you had to discover all the side quests by talking to every NPC! (Unlike EXE Create who now always puts some kind of indicator above the person’s head… take all the fun out of it….)

    Thanks for the list; I’m sure a lot of people will find it helpful!

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    Good job. Could use some work on your English there but very helpful. I am inclined to download Fantasia again and complete what I missed.

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    you’re welcome MSG Commander. it’s complicated to really finish 100% some unknown game like this one. few people play it and this is the only community available on kemco games (and since this community helped a million time in other games, i do what i canto help back)

    @Lenny : “Could use some work on your English there”, not sure to understand what you mean.


    Android is unique

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