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    What is the Cell of Secrets?
    It is a hidden location where you can trade a special item for a single weapon. This item
    appears only once in the game, so you can only get one weapon.

    Is it worth the trouble?

    No. The weapons are inferior to other weapons you will obtain, and it is a lot of work
    to get the special item needed for the trade. The weapons do not have abilities attached.

    I’m interested. Where is the Cell of Secrets?

    Go around to the right and in back of the Collector’s House.

    How do I get the special item needed for the trade?

    You need the crest crystal. Getting it involves a long chain of events,
    the last of which is a drop from the evil silver beast, who lives
    inside one of the 3 sealed chests. If you need more
    information, post a request here.

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