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    What are sealed chests?
    There are 3 special chests, with a color unlike the regular chests, which cannot be opened unless you possess a certain item. The chests contain powerful monsters, and you must defeat all 3 to obtain the items which will allow you to battle the toughest boss in the game, the King of Emptiness.
    Where are the sealed chests?

    1. Holy Shrine of The Seal (in the southeast corner)
    2. Mountain Path of the Shrine (in the woods on the left, about half way up)
    3. Ruin in Sand Sea. (from the NORTHERN entrance, down a bit (a level or 2), then take right hand passage

    What item do I need to open the chests?

    You need the Black Gem of Deepwater.

    Where do I get this item?

    From the secret store

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