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    I don’t know the exact limit on each character attribute (hp,mp,power,mind,defense,speed), but it is probably much lower than you would expect. The “naked” (that is, without increases from accessories, etc.) value for power for Lidim, for example, is around 1300. Interestingly enough, I think Crag’s limit on power is somewhat higher. How do I know there is a cap? I tried using one of the “secret medicine” for power and got an error message (on Lidim). Also, after many rounds of winning battles, usually in the arena, I noticed a few of my characters had increases in all their stats EXCEPT power (I keep track in a spreadsheet). Whatever the “naked” limit is, the stat can be increased by armor, talismans, etc., but not by any item that would cause a “permanent” increase. I don’t know if that applies to talismans that increase hp, for example, but I suspect it is true, except that the limit is so high my characters would never reach it anyway.
    JUST ADDED: hit a cap on MIND for PURE at 1230.

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    Wow, this is a very informative post. Applaud!!!

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