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    Here are some points of interest buried in the Monster Guide.
    1. There are MISSABLE monsters! 🙁

    The spoilers in the arena topic taken in total hint at one reason for some missable monsters.
    There is another event that destroys an area, so anything in there is gone for good.

    2. Everything after King of Emptiness (#112) is from the optional stuff in the DFP shop.
    3. The King of Emptiness can be fought at 3 different difficulties, but I think his HP remains the same in all 3.
    4. #83-102 are arena monsters.

    83-88 are in the team combat, the remainder are in the individual.

    5. You can see some unique designer humor if you pay attention to the hp of #94, Frankanvire. The spoiler (for PURE) in the arena tips gives more information.
    6. You are allowed unlimited repeats of the individual optional DFP scenarios, so you can farm a few of the “secret medicine” items. Some of them can be stolen, and others are in treasure chests.

    Older, but not wiser


    arena monsters are #83-108 (just went back and crushed 106-108 to verify)–a lot ea B) easier with maxed stats

    Older, but not wiser

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