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    strange that there is nothing after chapter 41 and the end of the game as the ending is crappy and seems cut…

    Android is unique


    This game is combined heir Kings and sephirotic. For game play is good and balance but still easy for me when u upgrade ur weapons and farm it by battles.

    No difficult setting, no hidden path and seems no hidden dungeon cause all seen in the map.

    I don’t unlock super suit yet, looking foward to it.

    Edit : this one is short story only contain 40 main quest and 20 sub quest, I tried to finish it fast and only need 12 hour or less. This one is good and I really enjoy the battle system. For anyone still thinking to buy I said this one is worth for 4$ in my region price.

    This one is good except the pad control it’s sucks, char move to fast.


    Yah, it is quick, I was level 80 and I did all of the sidequests, every single award except one (I did 42 of them) including the extra simulation and just needed about 14 hours.  Did you beat all of the simulations in the castle?

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    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross

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