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    Note the game uses CAL but you can think of CAL as magic points or mana points I will use CAL.

    1. Fight in Meteor Forest until you kill at least one Good-Luck Rabbit, huge EXP. (The more the better.)
    2. While inΒ Meteor Forest try to upgrade your weapons to 10 or 12.
    3. When upgrading save your Ore for later upgrades.
    4. Ore increases the Support Effect when Customizing weapons, i.e. if you have Sleep on a weapon and combine with another weapon that has Sleep the Sleep Effect will increase. If use an Ore when combining the Effect, Sleep for example, will increase. So use Ores wisely and only for Effects you really like.
    5. Effects I like are: Critical Up, HP Auto-Restore Up and CAL Auto-Restore Up.
    6. It appears you can leave an area anytime (at least so far) and go back to town.
    7. Save your money. Generally weapons you find in chests will get you through an area just remember to upgrade and watch the Effects on your weapons.
    8. Those who are familiar with KEMCO games know that weapons have “Slots”. “Slots” hold Effects like HP Auto-Restore Up and “Poison Inflicted” (Effect).
    9. “Coins” are used to Upgrade weapons. Upgrade is different from Customize in game terms. Upgrades add an Effect to a weapon or increase an existing Effect. So far it seems Deleting an Effect “Slot” is free. Don’t need INT UP on your weapon just delete that “Slot”. You want HP Auto-Restore Up add that Effect using Coins.
    10. Can’t say much about DCP (Dimension Cross Points) other than to suggest increase your Planters and add slots for “Stones”.
    11. Planters are where you plant your Sprigs so they become Berries. Berries give more stat points than Sprigs.
    12. Stones are an extra equipment slot where you can add enhancements such as CAL Cure (recover 5% CAL at start of turn) or Stones that give Blessings such as increasing an elemental effect. By the way CAL Cure is an early Stone, you can swap the Stone to different characters to be sure they have almost full CAL.

    If I think of more I’ll add it here or anyone can add more and please do.

    Oh yeah SAVE often!

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    After u got the robo repaired and can equip suit, make sure u guys build upgrade like this

    Phy 100 and magic 100


    Cuase they stack to hero whom suit equiped. I tried stats boost but only the robo stats increase not the main. U can get all 4 more upgrade buff even critical buff can, so like u can get 8 buff especially physical boost is must. Magic here is sucks can’t compare to physical don’t try build magic stuff.

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    Normal attack is king of single target damage from what I’ve seen playing. I’m not done with the story yet but this is what ive done so far.


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    If you don’t want to make this game too easy, avoid buying the war idol…you level up too rapidly.Β  Crafting and seeds turning into fruit can also make you very powerful very quickly. This was an improvement over SS but this was also far too easy IMO, even the extra simulation vs the big ship was not hard in the mid 70s.

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