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    after i get dimension cross and very interested by the space setting, i urge on it. after less than 10h i finished the game but the story ends abruptly and curiously no way to save a “clear game data”. the last bosses were quite long and i really don’t know if loading or used continue on a save data will bring me to the post game.

    i was wondering if they were special condition ? (like finishing all the sub quest ?)

    i search alot but couldn’t find one. i need to steal the orb of the jewel golem and they are rare to find.

    i was wondering if there is a steal skill ?

    any help welcomed.

    edit : i found only 11 of the 20 quests. after i complete them all, i will re-try the boss.

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    so i answer to my own question.

    the steal skill is mine and is available early with Anne.

    however i beat all the 20 quests and the final boss again but nothing happen post game. it’s as if the story begins and then cut brutally. i will write to kemco to understand what is happening.

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    Wow, under 10 hours.  And I thought I beat games quickly!

    I got 42/43 awards (just missing the 20 consecutive overkills, I only got up to 18).  I beat 20/20 sidequests and got to level 80 with minimal grinding.  The war idol helps a lot for experience, I got two with the 1000 DCP kemco gives you but I had to unequip them half way through because I was getting exp. too quickly which was making the game too easy.  Levels came quickly after beating the Large spaceship twice in a row too (the one from the extra simulation).

    Took me 14 and a half hours or so.  I would say the extra 11 sidequests and getting all awards including beating the large spaceship will add another 3 hours.  Worth it, I mean, seeing as you paid for the game and all!!  EDIT: Oh, I see you did the last 9 side quests.

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    yeah the game is expensive, 8 euros in my area, 8 dollars elsewhere i think (the exchange rate is never fair whatever the online store is anyway) but i feel like it deserves it for this one, not like alvastia chronicles (8 euros for 8 hours of game ouch) for example. i didn’t clear only the extra simulation in this game. i didn’t grind much either to do so. fact is that i wrote to kemco to ask about what i missed to obtain a post game and why the ending is cutting brutally… they told me there is nothing after story 41. i suppose i can spend 3 hours to grind and finish the extra simulation (i didn’t even use a single kemco point in this game… it was way too easy) but i will do it once i finish the remaining kemco i have on my list. only 4 in english until the 3 new japanese exclusive are translated. i also was able to obtain asdivine saga and lost dragon from exe create but they are very old (japanese mobile phone games converted to apk) and in full japanese. they are not hard at all but i will complete them also.

    off topic :

    by the way, i learned of asunaro princess so if someone was able to find the apk, i would be glad to obtain it the same way. it’s also too bad that mystic chronicles apk for android is japanese exclusive.same for other episode of Lost angelic chronicles Frane (frane dragon odyssey is episode 3)

    regarding for ancient phantasma and shining mars i suppose i’ll have to obtain a japanese google account to pay them one day but i fear i will discover too much game to download and play there. kemco really needs to investigate on remake and translation of old titles.

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