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    I am about 3 or 4 hours in.  While this game still has some of the typical kemco gimmicks that have been seen in many other games, like planting seeds and waiting for them to grow into fruits (aka stat boosting items), a very familiar weapon modification system and a goal reaching (achievement) system that was basically copied and pasted from SS, this is an overall better game then sephirothic stories and some of the more recent releases.

    The characters are slightly more likable and the story is an improvement over SS.  I actually felt bad for a certain little yellow guy a few hours in, for example.  It was hard to care about anyone in SS.

    I like that at least in this game you can run and jump and change direction a little in midair.  In other words, jumping is not as restricted as SS so there seems to be potential with that, lets see what happens moving forward.  Right now most of the time jumping is used for coin collecting, like in SS.  By the way, I don’t really get why there are 4 or 5 different currencies and I don’t think it is necessary.  You have the main currency, gold coins, silver coins, tickets and a little currency that looks like a bag to buy advanced items that tend to make the game very easy.  Any way, no to digress, but as far as the 3D aspect, the world feels larger than SS and you seem to have a little more room to roam but movement still feels restricted sometimes and there is no world to explore, just destinations on a small map.

    The story seems more interesting too but you still have those scenes, upon entering a new location, that just feel so forced and not very cohesive to the overall plot/game where characters will talk about, whatever, usually I just skip, sorry.

    As for difficulty, so far the game is very easy.  There does not seem to be difficulty levels (easy, normal, hard, etc.) which is a shame because you can become pretty overpowered pretty quickly.  Although on rare occasions you will run into giant enemies that hit hard and move fast that can really sneak up on you, pack a punch and maybe even devastate/kill your party.  Odd balance in my opinion.

    Music is an improvement over SS as well and has one of the better soundtracks compared to recent kemco releases.  Sound effects are similar/the same to previous games.  Overall, nothing memorable but nothing bad music wise.

    Still, in the end, 3D or not, the game still, somehow, feels all too familiar.  SS was average, this is a higher level of average but in the end, still has that look of a mediocre game, nothing awful or even bad, but nothing all that great.  I am glad I paid only 3 or 4 dollars and if Kemco continues down this path, I can not see them charging more than 4.99, nor should they.

    For me this is a 3/5 star game.

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