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    artwork and graphics are a step above the normal kemco /kotobuki solutions game, has a few repeating quests and some main and sub quests. seems like a hybrid of prince of persia/aladdin/1001 tales of the arabian nights/ secret of mana. those are the good things.

    the bad thing is while it has some iap only the last one is kinda expensive. also it is a major battery drainer, takes about 30 minutes to download the 15 files once you start it, and after 3 hours of play, my ipad gave me the 10% battery life message warning, so like i said it is a huge battery drainer and i started at 100% battery.

    if they ever make a low power usage option for this game, it might be worth playing, but for now i hope you guys have a long and unfrayable power cord and adapter, so you can play it for longer. they also need a return to title option button in settings.

    overall atm i’d give it 3 or 4 out of 5 stars.
    hope you guys are helped in someway by this

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    Yikes. I expected a game like that to tear up battery. Thanks for your review. Is there anything that’s unique about this game?

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    not sure what counts as unique in games these days. the energy absorption mechanic is basically the same mechanic from the onimusha games complete with nearly identical sound effect.. that said it does say in game, each djinn is unique designed and different effects. other then that i don’t know.

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    I downloaded this on my dad’s new iPad a few days ago. (My mom’s old iPad is TOO OLD and the game crashes when I try to select “New Game.”)

    I put in about 2 hours and, Kyndig’s comments about battery etc. notwithstanding, I’m pretty impressed. The artwork is gorgeous, and the opening story at least seems pretty interesting.

    (You “inherit” a magic dagger from a dying man, and the dagger lets you summon djinn – “djinn” are basically like genies except they don’t grant wishes, they’re just super powerful and awesome.)

    I like the dialogue, and I like the way you level up. You get a few points each level, to assign to your stats, and to your skills. And you have actual Hit Points! Not just three hearts that when they run out, you’re dead. So that’s a plus, ’cause I’m not good at action RPGs. In fact, I’m not even a big fan of them (To this day, I’ve never finished Zelda…) But, Djinn Caster seems to be a solid ARPG. Dunno that it’s “original” or not – but I think it looks good, regardless.

    And I do have to say, I’m glad to see Kemco branching out. (And I’m really hoping I’ll enjoy the rest of this game, whenever my dad is not hogging his iPad lol…)

    Just stay close to a charger if you’re the type who plays for hours on end. 😛

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    Does the game selling well(at least on Kemco’s standard) on the appstore? I really really hope that it gets ported soon.

    @MSG, Zelda isn’t an action rpg its action adevnture and most ARPG uses hit point instead of hearts because that will slow down the pace which isn’t a strong point for arpgs.

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    @zherk01 not sure how well it is selling on app store, since i am not seeing it in new games yet? also wish they port ah 2 to ios soon lol.


    So, i had djinn for years now and my character is lvl 88. Was anyone funny enough to find out what is the highest lvl that the main character can reach?

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