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    MSG Commander

    Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on much. We finally got a whole week of sun. 😛

    Anyway, I’ve played Djinn Caster all the way to the final mission and I keep getting wrecked by the soldiers on camels. I’m level 49 and have the most expensive weapon and shoes (but not armor – it costs 40,000 and I only have about 7,000 atm).

    I think I also have all the djinn, but I did miss a few side quests.

    Has anyone finished the game? If so, what djinn and skills did you use at the end? And what level were you? I’m not an action rpg guy so I’m kinda nervous I’ll need to grind for a couple hours… 🙁

    All your base are


    I was at level 48 when I beat the game so you should be fine for levels. But what you need to do is grind for money (just keep walking around the map until notifications pop up for money and keep doing that while avoiding the soldiers walking around) to get to 43000 so you can get the best armor. That will make a big difference.

    Granted the last boss was hard on level 48, and it took a long time, and I used a ton of potions, but you are at a perfectly fine level. Maybe you can consider getting up to 50, but no need to spend hours!

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    Kemco games I still need to beat: (2) Dragon Lapis, Dimension Cross

    MSG Commander

    I finally beat the game! (And yes, it is absolutely worth playing!)

    I was level 52, had the best equipment available, and I still had to use Rubies 2 times to revive myself in the final battle (but I’m not good at Action RPGs, so take that with a grain of salt).

    A few spoilers:

    I went into the Palace Invasion with the Kattari (there’s actually a bit cheaper blade that has a higher ATK, but this one gives a good crit bonus), Laminar Armor (which does cost about 43,000!) and Atlas Boots.

    I also had the Seal of Geb which gives DEF +18 (there may be a better necklace), an Ogre Ring (ATK+18), and I bought the Ouroboros Ring from the Special Shop, which gives HP+300 and HP regeneration.

    In the Palace Invasion, in one of the later areas, there’s an enemy who drops “Al-Fiqr,” a blade with ATK 180! Make sure to watch for this drop as it will seriously raise your ATK!

    Djinn and Skills
    Aside from Ziv, I had Usta, Hashiba, Estel, Zelen, and Levant. I mostly used Ziv and Hashiba for attacking, and a couple times I used Zelen to restore my health. I hardly used Usta or Estel at all, so those two could have easily been replaced, perhaps by the fire djinn and the ice djinn? Though I don’t know if your djinn selection really matters that much; it’s probably more personal preference and whatever djinn you’re comfortable with.

    For skills, I relied solely on Swift Step, X-Slash, Moon Blade, and Shadow Army. I wanted to try Sweep Combo and Sword Dance, but they were both at level 1 (i.e. not really strong at all), and I already knew how the other skills worked, so I didn’t see a need to reset my skill points to strengthen skills that I didn’t know if I would even like.

    Final Boss strategy
    The final boss is probably easier if you take the time to develop a good strategy – but by the time I got through the Palace Invasion, I just wanted to finish the game already. The boss has multiple forms or “stages” that he cycles through (and I don’t remember the exact order, but here’s my best guess):

    1. Just the boss. If memory serves me correctly, when there’s only one “boss” on the screen, he’s basically invulnerable. So don’t use your djinn when he’s alone, or you’re just wasting your points.

    2. Boss + friends. He summons 2 “helpers” who pretty much look like him but aren’t nearly as powerful.

    3. Boss + snakes. He summons a boat load of snakes, which gang up on you and can poison you. A lot.

    4. Boss AS snake. The boss transforms into a giant snake and the screen goes black. The snake moves across the screen left to right, then right to left, and if he catches you he starts to crush you and does some damage, and then when he releases you, you’re poisoned AND cursed.


    When it’s boss + friends or boss + snakes, use your Shadow Army, plus X-Slash and Moon Blade. Watch out for poison and have plenty of antidotes on hand.

    When it’s boss AS snake, try to outrun him, but if he catches you, use Ziv or another djinn with a good attack to get the snake to release you.

    When it’s just boss, try to avoid him and wait for him to summon friends or snakes.

    You’ll want to have a lot of antidotes and paper amulets, and a ton of Huge Red Potions (and Huge Blue Potions to a smaller extent) – and MAKE SURE you watch your health closely (which can be hard to do when you’re surrounded by 15 snakes, but is absolutely essential.)

    I wish I could offer more, but as I said, action RPGs are not my strong suit. Hopefully a few other players will be able to offer their strategies as well, and together we can help other members. 😀

    All your base are

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    AR Dark Arrow

    This screenshot was taken when I’m level 49.
    As you can see, I use Glyph of Manaf and Ring of Tarasque. With those two, you will have 70% HP and also doubled damage and defense.
    So why is it 70% ?
    Well, it is 100% – 20% + 50% = 70%
    Use the buff items and the boss fight will be easy as pie, since I deal about 450-900 damage from normal attacks. I don’t have to use a lot of potions.

    Equipments: I use the best ones from the shop

    Djinns: I don’t use any good djinn tactics. However, I never forget to use Zima and Temiz. They’re very useful.

    Anyway, I get the Glyph of Manaf from the auction, lol.

    About Djinn Caster:
    I install this on October, when it was free. This is a good game. In fact, this is one of the best! I enjoyed it well. I like the mechanics. Sadly, it consumes my memory, but this game deserves for it.
    Great job, Kemco! Also Chocoarts too!

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    MSG Commander

    Wow that’s pretty cool! I never would’ve thought to use those two items together… I think that would definitely make finishing the game a whole lot easier…  😆

    All your base are

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