I can't beat the last mission

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    MSG Commander

    Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been on much. We finally got a whole week of sun. 😛

    Anyway, I’ve played Djinn Caster all the way to the final mission and I keep getting wrecked by the soldiers on camels. I’m level 49 and have the most expensive weapon and shoes (but not armor – it costs 40,000 and I only have about 7,000 atm).

    I think I also have all the djinn, but I did miss a few side quests.

    Has anyone finished the game? If so, what djinn and skills did you use at the end? And what level were you? I’m not an action rpg guy so I’m kinda nervous I’ll need to grind for a couple hours… 🙁

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    I was at level 48 when I beat the game so you should be fine for levels. But what you need to do is grind for money (just keep walking around the map until notifications pop up for money and keep doing that while avoiding the soldiers walking around) to get to 43000 so you can get the best armor. That will make a big difference.

    Granted the last boss was hard on level 48, and it took a long time, and I used a ton of potions, but you are at a perfectly fine level. Maybe you can consider getting up to 50, but no need to spend hours!


    MSG Commander

    I finally beat the game! (And yes, it is absolutely worth playing!)

    I was level 52, had the best equipment available, and I still had to use Rubies 2 times to revive myself in the final battle (but I’m not good at Action RPGs, so take that with a grain of salt).

    A few spoilers:

    Djinn and Skills
    Final Boss strategy

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