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    I┬ámeasured cooldown time of skills. But I think they’re so inaccurate. Unfortunately, I cannot reduce errors. If you measure accurate value, please let me know!

    • X-Slash: 5s
    • Moon Blade: 7.5s
    • Sweep Combo: 7s
    • Shadow Army: 7s
    • Sword Dance: 15s
    • Fatal Dagger: 20s

    My perpose is hunting endings

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    When nominal time and effective time diverges (I claim it’ll have a cooldown of 5, but truth is that it is never 5) it means someone does not know how to deal with FPS.

    Usually things like cooldown are re-calculated every frame (instead of every second). The amount of frames per second is also not a fixed value, so it is really easy to include time bugs because that. (High-performance devices will present faster cooldowns, and low-performance devices will take longer to do it)


    …Well, I never played Djinn Caster and have zero interest in downloading it, but usually what I said above is the cause of time inconsistencies.


    Devices more than a certain performance, FPSs are simillar. Moreover, count of frames are not intuitive.

    But I understood accurate time by second isn’t exist. Thanks for reply!

    My perpose is hunting endings

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