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    Started playing this game today.  Action games are not my style whatsoever, but I’m not complaining about this one.  Like MSG noted, the three-little-hearts-and-your-dead thing was always a deal breaker for me.  So it’s good that Djinn doesn’t play that way, even though it isn’t turn-based.  You jump into a mob and slash away.  Since I’m not used to that style of play, or the inability to roam freely on the world map, it’s taking me some time to learn the controls and gameplay.  All-in-all, I’m liking Djinn quite a bit so far, even though I’m only several hours into it.

    For those of you who have a bit of play time into it, I’d like to know if you’ve learned anything about the beggars.  At first, I wondered if giving Beggars your Dima would somehow increase virtue points.  Turns out, that virtue is not a stat.  So, has anyone figured out if repeatedly giving to beggars helps players in any way or changes the storyline somehow?


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    I was never willing to try giving beggars multiple donations. It was hard enough to get the money for the gear I wanted, so I decided that even if they did have something good, I could live without it.

    (Side note: I’m NOT an ARPG fan, but I stuck with this game all the way to the end and I was glad I did! If you can put up with some level of frustration until you figure out the couple of hard boss battles, I really think you’ll enjoy it.)

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    …and what about skills?  How do we use them?  I have a couple of them in auto slots.  Haven’t even used any mana yet ’cause I cannot fig out how to activate skills without dying from a barrage of attacks while doing so.  :-/  I held down the skill icons like we do with other icons to pick up items, soul fragments (I think they’re called) and to activate Djinn attacks.

    This one has me stumped.  Throw me a clue plz, guys, and three wishes will be granted if you do. 😉

    Side note: cooldown time on potions is absurd. Grr



    Figured it out about skills.  Just tap the icon. Doh!


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