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    Hi folks, there is a pretty tricky part on Chapter 10 where you need to split your 4 nerds up and each has to step on a floor plate in a different temple, all located in the desert (and after stepping on all four you can advance in another area of the game). At one of the temples, it seems pretty hard to see how you advance. Look at the pic and push the wall where the character is standing to be able to move forward so you can get all our nerds to step on all 4 plates.

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    Hey. I’m extremely stuck on chapter ten. I can’t get my 4th hero on the pressure plate. I have read someone say push the wall where the character is. I have tried that and nothing happens. There is some guy in the way that I can’t move. Tried talking to him. No Luck.

    I'm new to this . Needing serious help with chapter ten on the final temple. There is a guy in the way and I can't get him to move. Apparently there is an illusionary wall but can't find anything.

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    Each character has it’s own Tenple to step on. Johnny will go on the one with the Gentleman (For his Barbarian Class). Nigel will go on the one with Magic Portals (Wizard Class), Francis will go in the one with secret passages (Thief Class) and Mike will go in the one with Rocks (Knight Class). Once one step at the Button. you will pick “Leave one behind” the one in front of your party will stay, iirc, on the last one you will also pick “Leave one behind” the character will say “haha that’s funny. You can’t leave one behind now”. He will step on the button , all doors at temple will shine and open. Then you have to re-enter each temple and recover your friends. Return to the temple where esmeralda and violet are. Beware you will fight a boss there. He is weak to magic and has good physical defense. After that you will start chapter 11. Where you shall meet an known person (if you played the first Doom And Destiny)

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