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    Wasn’t crazy about Dragon Stinker, but one shouldn’t look a gift dragon in the mouth.

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    Hehe, I was just coming on to post, but looks like you beat me to it! Thanks 3beez.

    … Okay, I’ve played through the intro, and I do have to say the opening scene is definitely… unique. I don’t think it really gives anything away if I say it looks like your mission in this game is to help one dragon defeat another dragon… definitely not what I was expecting.

    Anyway I’m off for the night but I expect I’ll post some about the game tomorrow.

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    I’m about 5 hours into this game; so far it’s pretty much “standard” Exe Create. It’s not really great, but it’s not really bad, either… (Actually it is enjoyable, just if you’ve played a lot of Exe Create games it won’t feel at all “new” or “innovative.”)

    There are 4 playable characters, 4-8 interchangeable jobs. Skills, weapons, paramaters, all change according to which job you have selected. (Oh, and 2 of the characters each have one ‘unique’ job that only they can learn.)

    Otherwise it’s go to this town, talk to the elder, go to the dungeon, repeat. And do the side quests, as they arise.

    If you enjoyed Dragon Sinker, I’m guessing you’ll probably like this one.

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    Heya! Been gone for a while, thank god Play Store showed this on my recommended list(buying Kemco games paid off for once lol).

    Welp, I’m just around 4 hours in the game but so far I like it. Not as good as I’m hoping it would be but its enjoyable enough. Story is a little simple but character interaction makes up for it and twice in a row on their release, the interaction isn’t cringy which was always a problem to me on Exe-Create games so I guess their writers are getting a little better.

    I’m curious why they remove the abilitt to name the characters yourself, it was available on the Jap version, was ready to give the same name I use on all Dragon Quest games to the MC lol.

    I don’t see this straying away from the Exe-Create formula but the Growth Plate and Job classes makes things enjoyable and those objective per battle is a nice touch up (although I would prefer if there are some variaties on the rewards other than EP and they should track this on the achievement). Balance is still up for debate as I find things a little easy on the normal difficulty, if the next boss turns out to be another weakling and I’ll push the difficulty to Hard and will do another playthrough afterwards on Normal but I won’t be using the Growth Plate.

    For once I’m intrigue with the villains, I really wanna see how the relationship between Ramires and the Silver Dragon will end.

    Welp, I guess it gives me the charm since I’m a sucker to 90s rpgs and the fact that I didn’t finish any Exe-Create games in 2-3 sittings(usually takes me a week or two). So yeah I’ll give this a 4 star for now, maybe a 5 depending on how the story will turns out.

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    Was it worth a try?(probably yes)

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