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    Late in the game you can visit the Goddess Shrine. It is a tower of 31 floors, with 5 (maybe 6, I don’t recall) bosses you meet on your way to the top. At the top, you fight 3 consecutive battles, followed by 6 (easier) consecutive battles, followed by 5 consecutive battles against the Goddess. Should you triumph, an “arena-like” infinite spawning of monsters challenge, where you compete until you lose or flee (no rewards that I noticed) area opens. And who is the Goddess? I’ll put her identity in a spoiler, but I’ll give you a hint that I’m sure you can use to guess her name: there are really only 2 possible choices, and it is NOT Maidame.

    Spoiler title

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    Of course its her. What a shocker. What’s your in game time for Lapis now?

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