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    Late in the game you can visit the Goddess Shrine. It is a tower of 31 floors, with 5 (maybe 6, I don’t recall) bosses you meet on your way to the top. At the top, you fight 3 consecutive battles, followed by 6 (easier) consecutive battles, followed by 5 consecutive battles against the Goddess. Should you triumph, an “arena-like” infinite spawning of monsters challenge, where you compete until you lose or flee (no rewards that I noticed) area opens. And who is the Goddess? I’ll put her identity in a spoiler, but I’ll give you a hint that I’m sure you can use to guess her name: there are really only 2 possible choices, and it is NOT Maidame.


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    Of course its her. What a shocker. What’s your in game time for Lapis now?

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    Stupid question. How do you unlock the 1st floor doors in the goddess shrine? Nevermind i am stupid lol

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    The answer is below.

    After you get out of the Flobourne Tunnel (area unlocked between Royal City and Impervia Castle, you should see a Knight in Royal City who will give you the Shrine Key with a sidequest to kill the Guardian of the Goddess Shrine.

    After the events in Royal City you will be able to use Dragon. Fly South-East from Royal City (It’s very hard to miss the Goddess Shrine because it’s huge) and enter it. Beat the Boss to clear the Sidequest and Goddess Shrine is available to take it on.

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    Again, I warn you about Spoilers.

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    PS. I never played Dragon Lapis. I am not really into dragon games, nor x-bit games. 🙁

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    This person give key on goddest shrine

    In Royal city.

    Yeah. Thanks to all give information.

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