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    Are there any worth items to steal from enemies?

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    Ive tried stealing now and then,, never gotten anything other than consumables or “sellables”. It is however useful for finishing a couple of quests easier as the quest items can be stolen and dropped.


    Ok, thanks. I am probably grinding too much because I am not yet going to Grove.. Need to get some more Plates to get basic skills for the Third party member.

    I will soon get a Superstar seed.

    Is there an upgraded version of Angel/Idol ?

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    Hard to steal….?

    Try to use skill pasif job thief and… Maybe pasif job mistic.


    Thief 50% change got item when kill enemy and mistic…. Em… Job passif after mistic LV up is got magus stone 50% when kill enemy.

    Sorry if i wrong. But i use skill passif is very useful.

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    I know that Reconnesance + Thieves Art make the whole work but I see one item that I don’t see any normal enemy drop (Sage Stone) that is a rare item

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