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    • This is a mini faq for Angel/Deity Job. I will show Angel /Messenger/Deity Growth Plates as well as information about Job Skills and Stat ups.


    First of all: Do not buy Messenger or Deity Seeds until you have 3 of the earlier Job seeds because you will need to be a Deity to use the skills from Messenger or Deity Growth Plates. 

    Both Jobs will be available to use for each character as soon as you buy its seed but the job won’t have any abilities until you learn it from the Growth Plate. 

    • To max out all abilities you need:

    3 Messenger Seeds -> 3 Angel Seeds – > 3 Deity Seeds.

    • The cost of each Seed and total LLP cost to max out the Job:

    Messenger Seed: 200 LLP (600 LLP Total)

    Angel Seed: 300 LLP (900 LLP Total) 

    Deity Seed: 400 LLP (1200 LLP Total) 

    Total Cost: 2700 LLP.

    *The Screenshot shows 1 more Messenger Seed because I didn’t know exact amount of seeds needed to buy. I didn’t buy Third Deity Seed because I have one used from the beginning of the game. I don’t save the game while making the guide because I am not sure which character would have the most from it.

    • Angel-Trainee Growth Plate.

    Screenshots of Growth Plate:



    Stat ups: HP +20, MP +10,STR +3,VIT+2,SPD +3,INT +2

    Growth Plate Mastery: +20 HP. 

    Abilities :

    Angel Drop Level 1/Level 2/Level 3:

    20%/60%/100% chance to avoid Abnormal Status. Skill Level 1 is automatically learned by character at Level 1 Angel Job. Note: Level 3 of this innate ability will go to other Jobs after you get Angel Job Level 5.

    Angel Arrow Level 1 /Level 2/Level 3:

    Deals Damage to one enemy. Occasionally puts an enemy to sleep. Strength :180/240/290


    Angel Song Level 1 /Level 2/Level 3:

    ATK and DEF Down. Occasionally puts enemies to sleep. Affects all enemies. Level Up increases the chance to inflict those Status effects and the ATK&DEF reduction.


    Angel Growth Plate :

    Screenshots of the Angel Growth Plate :



    Stat Ups: + 20 HP, +10 MP, +3 STR, + 2 VAT, + 3 SPD, + 3 INT.

    Growth Plate Mastery: +20 HP


    Divine Realm Level 1 /Level 2/Level 3:

    Allows the character to completely avoid the Damage from one attack. Works for every character.


    Angel Healing Level 1 /Level 2/Level 3:

    Revives All Dead characters with 25%/50%/100% HP.

    • Deity Growth Plate:

    Screenshots of the Deity Growth Plate and abilities :


    Stat Ups: HP +30, MP +15,STR +5, VIT+ 3, SPD +3, INT +4

    Growth Plate Mastery: HP +30


    Almighty Level 1/Level 2/Level 3 :

    All Parameters up for the whole Party. Grants Revives with 25%/50%/100% Health upon being Swoon. 

    Divine Judgement Level 1/Level 2/Level 3:

    Randomly deals Damage 6x/7x/9x to all enemies. Strength :75/75/70

    Omnipotent Level 1/Level 2/Level 3:

    SO: STR, VIT, DEF, INT stats are increased by 5%/15%25%. This skill can go to other jobs as well.


    Welcome 😇

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    Question: can anyone learn the Angel job, or is it person-restricted (like only Lucas has Hero job, and Iria has Dragonite job)?

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    Both Angel and Idol Job is automatically learned by all four Heroes as soon as you BUY any Seed (you need to have 1 seed in inventory at any time to have the job unlocked) , but in order to use job abilities you will have to master them from Growth Plates. Just having a job isn’t good.

    Note:The Angel and Idol Job aren’t needed in order to beat the game at all.

    I don’t know what does “SO” mean at one skill. 

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    I don’t know what does “SO” mean at one skill.

    SO = self-only. Other acronyms you may see in active skill descriptions include:

    1E = 1 Enemy

    1A = 1 Ally

    AA = All allies

    AE = All enemies

    EC = Enemy column

    ER = Enemy row

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    Thanks 🙂  I already knew every other acronym but this was hard to me (I knew that the skill was for the person who learnt it only but didn’t have any idea what SO meant.

    I’m planning to buy Idol Job soon and might make a similar faq but with as low number of screenshots as possible (here I posted too much screenshots)  and all of them will have “weight” reduction. 

    Welcome 😇

    Crimson Rudra

    actually to master the deity class you need 6 of each seed not 3, due to class rank, though i guess you can just buy 9 more messanger seeds to get the class ranks due to cost effectiveness


    also is it just way more powerful then the basic classes, that revive ability is just op and the stat up effect

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    Nope, there’s no job between Angel and Deity job so my faq is true. I thought that I would need 14 seeds but it’s not needed.

    Welcome 😇


    The job by itself has great skills but unless you max out the job you will need a healer (note that the game isn’t hard enough to beat because I never changed the job in my entire game except for the faq where I simply didn’t save the game. And I was grinding a lot but I saw that heroes grave was a death place to me until I spent 200 coins for metal sword)

    Welcome 😇


    The Stat up effect affects the person if he has maxed out job and it’s great to have for other jobs instead of Deity due to Deity being a support character instead of damaging or healing character.

    Welcome 😇

    Crimson Rudra

    it takes 6 class ranks per teir so it would be 5 total seeds to get class rank 5 messanger and then the 5th uprgades to angel, and you get the messanger autoskill for all classes, then 5 more ranks are needed to get angel 5th rank, 5th needed to upgrade to deity, and get the angel autoskill for all classes, then you need 5 more to get the deity autoskill for all classes

    since you only get 1 class rank up per plate, that comes to a minimum of 15 plates to get all three auto skills


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