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    Any one know place where a get plate?

    Plate first LV job until max LV job?

    Yeah iam easy to get passif skill… But now i need active skill. Please help me find all plate and where location.


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    Nearly all growth plates I’ve found as random rare drops from monsters. You’ll find the starting job plates in the beginning areas, the last-tier job plates in the end-game areas (I found lots while trying to get through Imprevia Fortress and so on), and I don’t know which areas have monsters that drop the second tier job plates, sorry.

    The only exceptions are the Hero and Dragonite plates. Those are only in chests and gained in specific storyline moments.

    And then there’s the IAP-only plates, but I don’t know too much about those jobs. Mastertrek already made a topic about that, look up the Angel-Deity Skill FAQ if you want to know more about that.


    I might make a mini faq later with all areas and a list of possible plates and abilities from them because I will want to learn every ability for all characters (no screenshots because each of the plates (except hero and dragonite) are easily found if you stay in the specific area for a while)
    But sadly to make it easy to get abilities you will need to get past a specific point in the game.

    After defeating Ramirez who gets killed you will get the Gold Dragon (Yes, you will fly on Iria), get the quest in Royal City and beat the Goddess Shrine up to 25-30 floor where you will get a lot of EP)

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    Any one know where to farm chemist plate?
    i try to farm at wimdos spire and magmal volcano it drop alchemist plate, and torsifen Marsh drop pharmacy plate.
    Tried in Imperia Fortress and tunnel to royal city but no luck with any Chemist related plate.


    Just found that, 1st hidden boss monster area (west of royal city) drop it. And some mid tier job plate.

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    You mean Danger Area A? Yeah, it should be there

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