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    In this subquest, received from a woman in Aquillak Town, we need to find her son Sammy. The hint given is that he is off to his training “in a place with metal monsters”, I searched Rige Woods but cannot find him, did I miss him or is he elsewhere?

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    I don’t remember where the son is, sorry! However, I do remember there are other areas with metal monsters, Lodun Mine and Goddess Shrine. I don’t think he was too hard to find. You can try those two areas, or wait for someone with a working brain to reply. =D

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    He should be in Rige Woods because at that time you’re not having a personal flying.. Oops.

    Search carefully at crew corner and he should be there.

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    I just found him in Ridge Woods second area or third area on the left side for me. I’m not sure if it’s the same for everyone or not but that’s where he was for me


    It’s the same place for everyone.

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