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    Crimson Rudra

    one i notice alot of people dont use these amazing classes and instead use the knight/warrior class for lucas, and the priest class for iria was wondering why over all

    and my next question is, do stats only increase through growth plates?

    and are there any reccomended class line ups?

    Crimson Rudra

    ok found out only hp and mp go up at level up and it seems that it is character based or how much hp/mp they had prior to level up (tested with lucas and melvin both as paladins and going from lvl 43-44, lucas who had 2458 hp at 43 had 2530 hp at 44, melvin who was only 1247 hp at 43 only jumped up to 1294 hp)


    i also found that best tank will be lucas due to his massive hp compared to rest of team, he makesΒ  much better use of the sage autoskill of 15% hp restore every turn, plus the 20% damage reduction to all attacks (berserker and acolyte autoskills), plus the 20% damage evasion from soldier and damage negation from knight, sure everyone benefits from all of these its just he gets most out of it specially as the hero class due to the high hp and vitality and decent int score


    i also have discerned that int effects damage recieved from magic attacks….. higher int less damage received


    I think that the in game help tells that Int affects both magic damage and magic defense(because it’s the only magic stat) .

    And yes, Level ups don’t increase anything else than HP and MP (except Level 99 where you get only EP but it’s great)

    And the Healing character is important late game unless you grind (although I were totally grinding for the whole game but I am sure that if I would play normally I would heal a lot. My other topic shows some of the things I did there like grinding to beat the Boss in Danger area A before getting third party member which at the time was an awesome idea)

    And MP restore ability is extremely useful once your MP goes high enough (at 2000 no matter what skills I use, MP isn’t getting lower.) Infinity Pentacle is easy as long as I can finish enemy off without getting hit much. Maximum Level reached was 17 but I got terrible luck with not making enemy go to sleep.

    And I never changed the job for any fight so I can’t say how useful other job abilities are but innate abilities are awesome

    Welcome πŸ˜‡

    Crimson Rudra

    i havnt unlock mp restore so i’m assuming it either mystic or idol or chemist or peddler that gives it


    I can’t remember which one gives it but it’s not Idol (I don’t have the time to show its abilities but all required seeds are bought so don’t worry πŸ™‚

    Welcome πŸ˜‡


    Believe it or not, I actually used both for my late-game party lineups. Actually, I used both Hero and Dragonite since I got their second-tier growth plates, just so everyone has a unique weapon. πŸ˜‰ See, it’s a habit for Exe-Create to give one of each “ultimate weapons and armor” just before the final battle so I wanted to make sure everyone had something unique.


    I stopped using Priest and had Iria switch to Dragonite permanently around the time I got Elodia. Even though healing is still needed at that stage of the game, if you’re good at items management, you can still survive even without healing magic. Plus, the Hero class is the only one (without switching to Soldier, etc) that makes use of Heavy Armor early, which is something that benefits Lucas more than Soldier anyway.


    This was my final team lineup by normal end:


    Lucas: Hero (Warrior and Hero classes both mastered, has all Sword Arts skills mastered)

    Iria: Dragonite (Dragonite class mastered, has all Martial Arts skills mastered)

    Melvin: Thief (Thief class mastered, has all Dagger Arts skills mastered)

    Elodia: Mage (Mage class mastered, has all Staff Arts mastered)


    But to answer your original question: it’s because of “team balance” and ease of use that many prefer Lucas and Iria to stay to their first classes. I mean, every balanced party needs healing, but the game is honestly easy enough at normal difficulty (without mass grinding) that I never found Priest to be -that- necessary for all points of the game.


    I can’t comment much on the other classes, never did much experimentation outside the first four (and Hero and Dragonite, obviously). But I did love Hero because of its anti-dragon skills, very sorely needed for the danger area boss dragons as well as many of the bosses themselves. Also, Dragonite skills are very good at debuffing stats as well as AoE damage, and was very versatile in terms of attack options (there were some enemies that could nullify physical or magical, but never both at the same time).


    Still, the auto-skills from the other classes are pretty nice. For me, I went for Merchant’s auto-skills first to save on money so I could keep my stock of healing items secure πŸ™‚ I actually have no idea how well the autos are for Mystic, Pharmacist, Soldier and others.

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    Yeah πŸ™‚ I had no idea that hero has anti Dragon skills (if I knew I wouldn’t have to grind as much for the first danger area boss. Right after the Boss I switched the difficulty to hard for the rest of the game )

    Healing might not be needed but there’s no need to have 4 damage dealers (Hero and Dragonite are exclusive to character so they have one of the best ability set..) and debuffs work on almost every enemy and boss (might take some time to hit)

    I can’t remember which jobs offer best innate abilities but hp/mp Regen each turn is awesome later (you won’t have to use items unless you want. Of course keeping 99 of each healing item is probably pointless)

    Welcome πŸ˜‡

    Crimson Rudra

    yea dragonite with a crit ring is deadly i mean 25% increase damage for crits is awesome


    i do find that the sorceror’s autoskill combined with the mage’s autoskill makes for a powerful combination


    also speed kills in this game, my melvins speed score is so high he gets three turns in before everyone else in the red dragon fight so i was thinking of making him my designated healer, while my hero and elodie deal with damage dealing, i’m not yet sure how i’m gonna deal with iris……. but yea

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