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    Poucas Trancas

    Hello everyone!

    I’ve been playing the game for a while now and mastered the basic jobs with my characters and just beated the silver dragon. Now i don’t know wich what is a second job to train them. Does anyone have tips?

    At this moment my team is very standard:

    Lucas – Chevalier

    Melvin – Brigand King

    Iria – Sage

    Elodie – Sorceror

    Note: I’m playing at the hard dificulty and I’m having a really bad time at some parts of the game like the Silver Dragon.

    Thanks in advance for the help!



    I find that Elodie is a much better as a pure Sage than a Sorcerer, (Sorcerer actually seems a bit underpowered, because Priest can do massive damage spells, and heal) if you give her loads of MP/Int, 10% mp regain, and Mages passive to do more damage with max mp then she becomes a powerhouse with moves like Magic Barrage, the staff art, while also healing tons.

    Iria’s Dragonite form is OP, especially if you give her the Mystic classes passive skills, I have her 1 hitting most bosses. Give her martial arts skills, so she has a large array of debuffs, and she can carry your team.

    Melvin is pretty good as Brigand King, I like giving him the secondary class of Merchant because of that 15% passive MP regain once you max capitalist, he becomes a very fast strong sweeper for the loads of fodder enemies. Also, Dagger arts to get him the strong af 6x-9x dagger attack.

    Lucas is pretty powerful as his primary Hero form, but he really needs some speed and Mana regain to be powerful with it. I usually grind places that give a lot of Dagger arts (B) for the 3 speed nodes off the beginning spot to grab those for him, then trash them. Still use the Magic Sword, and MP regen armor to give him a good 10% regen that will cover most of his moves. Also, sword arts to give him coverage.

    Hope this helps somewhat, its just whats been working for me.

    ps with this team composition I’m only level 50~ and in hard mode the game is super easy rn.

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    Poucas Trancas

    Thanks for your response, Trippy!

    Another question: can I just unlock the skills and jobs ranks up on the grouth plates and then discard them, or it’s recomended to unlock the whole plate?

    Thanks Again!


    Yes, you can discard growth plates at any point (and it saves some EP) after unlocking the abilities that you want. But you shouldn’t do it much unless you are at the best grinding area in the whole game.

    Goddess Shrine floors 26-30

    The game has fairly early grinding areas (I was grinding too much and ignoring story if I saw any worth visiting area) so I am a bad person in telling what job is the best (never had any job change and Coin Shop has OP equipment if you grind for Magus Stones). Any top equipment can win the game.

    Welcome 😇

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    Yes, you do not have to unlock the whole plate.

    For the most part I keep my characters a single class, so for the most part I forgo the skills on the plates, and just grab the stats, and Rank+ node so I can get the passives Like Capitalists, and sages 3rd passive, the 15% mp/hp regen passives, or the Mages, and Psychics first, and second passives that 1st gives a 1.5x damage boost if your hp/mana is full, and then 2nd both reduces cost of all Magic/Physical skills respectively by 25%.  There’s a few others I like grabbing, but imo those are the most notable.

    Aside from the p2w classes in the shop that Mastertrek has gone over, it seems the 4 best classes, at least imo, are:

    Lucas – Hero, he has tons of very strong skills that are also debuffs, I mainly use Mega Slash with him, because its an strong AoE attack, and it debuffs attack, but I also use the Sword Art Wizard strike if I’m focusing damage. I usually have him second or third to Apply the Attack down to enemy groups in case their faster than the rest of the team.

    Elioda – Sage, strong healing skills, and strong attack skills that have all types of coverage depending on what you need, also has various buffs, the best being the Atk&Def buff. I usually have her second or third in speed to apply buffs, or heal.

    Melvin – Brigand King, its too good a class to give up, his AA crit boost does miles of damage, especially if Iria crits with her Angry Fist. I’ve hit crits upwards of 255k~ on endgame bosses in the infinite battle. Shadow Pin is the primary move I use on him otherwise if its a group of people, and I alternate between Covert Kill and Raining Daggers Depending on the enemies. He’s usually first to either sweep any fodder enemies for quick grinding, or to apply the crit boost for a boss.

    Iria – Dragonite, the best choice as her moves, although none are multihit, all hit like a truck, and give great Debuffs. Against groups her AE flame breath attacks will KO most fodder if your team has had trouble. Otherwise, get the MP regen to spam the crap out of her 2nd Fist skill, because due to Dragonites 25% crit damage boost, and the def debuff on that skill she will constantly hit like a brick wall, especially if you’re utilizing Melvins crit boost, and Elioda’s stat buffs. For me, shes usually last to clean up any stragglers, or to apply the Def down buff for the next round of attacks.

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    Poucas Trancas

    Thanks for all the awnsers! I’m already putting them in practice and my team really improved!  😎

    Although I have another question: is the Status Mask+ worth buying for the whole team, or it’s better to hold the coins to buy something better? And the Angel Ring?

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     I have another question: is the Status Mask+ worth buying for the whole team, or it’s better to hold the coins to buy something better? And the Angel Ring?

    The Status Mask+ is ONLY needed for the optional “infinite challenge” against the goddess at the summit of the Shrine of the Goddess.  You should also have critical for that challenge.   I don’t think there is any need for the Angel Ring as you can use reviving and healing consumables.

    Older, but not wiser

    Crimson Rudra

    the sorceror’s out damages the sage by a long shot, not only does it have double action, it also has the meteor spell which hits 9 times and out damage any other spell in single target, and for multi target the sage’s goddess flash is worse then what the sorceror has (though the mystic class has the best magic based strike all spell) mostly due to healing is the sage’s number one priority, if you are high enough in level that you can use the sage for damage then you dont need the sage


    Yes, for me Sage is useful as support (Amplify makes it up for all damage dealers and can heal the whole party and is great if you want to survive (or if a person can afford maxing out Angel Class then healing gets not necessary at all if you give party Auto-Revive ability but damage isn’t anything good)

    And Status Mask + is good to have but if you are patient and get one of the best equipment for 200 coins then the optional areas will become easier no matter the difficulty (without Metal Sword I had no chance against any magic-based boss in both optional areas, everything else could be killed easily by sleep+poison+paralysis over and over. But the only downside to that is.. if sleep doesn’t want to land.)

    Sorcerer had the best magic damage in the game because if you have sufficient MP, you can simply use Double Action +2x Meteor or other attacks, the damage can get even higher if you have a spare Critical Ring for that person.

    Welcome 😇



    Hero > Warrior > Soldier > Sword



    Dragonite > Priest > Mystic > Martial arts



    Thief > Peddler > Warrior > Knife



    Mage > Pharmacist > Priest > Staff


    Is the best plate match i found

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