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    Crimson Rudra

    i think the game would be greatly improved if you could cross class, like hero and soldier/warrior, and sorceror and sage……..


    heck even brigand king and warrior make for a powerful combination, the chavalier has the most damaging strike all physical skill in the game, but it is so slow, while the brigand king has the speed but lacks in high damage output and power

    the lionheart and paladin combo would be my personal favorite, the defensive abilities from the paladin and the defensive passives from warrior/priest/soldier classes, and the lionheart’s high hp score, and you have a very hard to bring down hero


    You’re right about that.

    The only really important (helpful) thing is Critical Ring(s) for easier fights and metal farming

    (best place is Goddess Shrine which is not accessible until you get flying Gold Dragon)

    All Jobs (except Hero and Dragonite) are same for each character so if a person is going for Goddess Shrine it will be essential to max out all jobs (not necessary to get all skills but jobs auto skills are great).

    Conclusion : All jobs are useful and the strategy is only needed at hard mode if you don’t grind on the Danger Areas. It’s pretty easy to get OP in this game for most arew(except the optional areas*)

    *Heroes Shrine and Goddess Shrine

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    Is that a path setup for the party and if so… is that the order in which to master the classes & Secondly is the 4th plates arts related

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    There aren’t any bad setups (except the parties that don’t have any good damage attacks which might happen like 4 Acolytes which isn’t bad, just useless party unless grinding happen).

    And for priorities for each character (while also keeping in mind that you need to focus on their main strengths,in addition to getting more SPD Stat although growth plates do it just fine) :

    Lucas (STR/VIT) :He’s great so he should have any damage-based jobs maxed like Hero (don’t know if it’s useful because I never changed jobs unless for topic reasons) or Warrior.

    Iria (VIT, INT) : She starts as a healer and buffer so Mage or Priest are great. You might opt for STR as well just in case you want to use her as Dragonite. 

    Melvin (STR, SPD): What to say about him.. Best thief in the world even though the game has nothing awesome for stealing. He’s the Fastest Thief Alive with decent crowd control skill (if he has Critical Ring on) 

    Elodie (INT) :Early on she’s not great at damage but making her a mage makes game easier because of all debunks she gets to use. And Double Action. 

    Note that it won’t matter at Goddess Shrine because you’ll have to get a lot of innate skills shared to the best Jobs (or starting jobs if you don’t change jobs like I did). 

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