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    Crimson Rudra

    so you mastered your set up, everyone has all the skills for their chosen class, and the time to choose plates based on attributes has come, well i’m here to help

    first and formost, the best plates are class teir 3 plates, they offer more then double the overall attributes for less then double the ep cost

    now lets list what each stat does

    hp/mp self explanitory

    str- increase the attack stat which effects physical damage dealt, seems higher strength characters crit slightly more then those of lower strength when using physical attacks, importent for physical DPS

    int – increase damage dealth by spells while also reducing incoming spell damage, seems higher intellegence characters crit slightly more often then lower intellegence characters when using magic spells, importent for magic DPS and magic healing, no idea if it effects support spells

    vit – increases defense which lowers incoming physical damage, seems higher vit characters get hit with crits slightly less often then lower vit characters

    spd – effects rate of turns, seems to effect evasion, hit, and crit rates, the killer stat, having only 30% more allows a character to get 2 turns in the time it takes the lower spd character to get a turn


    now each stat has a prefered plate for targeting that stat

    hp – hero/sword plate A (total 60)

    mp – Sorceror/Alchemist/staff plate A (total 40)

    str – hi dragonite/chevalier/martial plate A (total 12)

    int – capalist plate (12 total vs the 10 total from sage plate which gives 10 more hp and 5 more mp)

    vit – paladin (total 11)

    spd – psychic/ dagger plate A (total 10)


    but it should be known certain plates are better for over all growth for certain roles


    brigand king king plate is better for physical dps for speed boosts (1 less speed but double the strength over psychic) while the physic is better for every one else

    now the chevalier plate i think is better for hp more physical DPS (only 20 less hp for double/triple the str)

    and the paladin plate is better over all for other classes ( the vit differance makes up for the loss of 20 hp)

    for mp, the alchemist plate offers the best stats all around compared to the sorceror  but the sorceror might be a better choice for magic dps (1 less str/spd for 1 more int) depending on what you need over all


    the deity and idol plates are not taken into consideration nor are th lottery plates due to expense

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    Wow, awesome 🙂

    One thing :Around 2000 MP (or less) is enough to not worry about using any MP restoring items after mastering all jobs (except Idol/Deity) so INT is more important because you get both Magic Attack and Magic Defense increase just from it.

    And Hero/Dragonite job plates are in limited quantities (I might be wrong but I didn’t see any of these dropped from normal enemies) so they’re not a good way to get Stat ups and they’re limited to a single person (so in terms of Stat maxing or just aiming at some specific Stat they’re not important. They’re mostly for abilities)

    Welcome 😇

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    Crimson Rudra

    i know the hero and dragonite plates are limited but you get more then needed for ability mastering, so i listed them incase people were thinking of throwing them out


    also for DPS, int and str ups top spd ups, reasoning? well lets say melvin has 300 spd, but 120 str, while lucas has 300 str but 120 spd, lucas deals 40% more damage in one attack then melvin does in 3 attacks

    also for mp, to make maximum use out of double action strategies you need enough mp to regenerate more then the cost of the spell x2 (so you eventually get back to 100% for that sweet 50% damage boost)

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    Any normal player, at least in my experience, should not need any more than the 15% mp regen from mastering capitalist, especially on Elodie as mine has around 3k mp at level 99 (leveled up pure sage, and hasnt done any pure plate grinding) and her mana tops off using whatever spell, even as a sorcerer using meteor double action.

    Crimson Rudra

    my elodie might have to much mp then…. level 56 sitting at ~2700 mp


    my elodie might have to much mp then…. level 56 sitting at ~2700 mp

    haha I’m not actually sure about the exact number, but if you did way more plate grinding than me that might explain it ^^ once I hit level 55~ I took on Goddess Tower and finished at 97, rarely using EP once I got past level 70 or so (monsters were 1 hit kills, aside from bosses)

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