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    I’ve taken forever to get them, but I  finally have enough coins to buy a top teir item.  What do I  buy?



    It depends on what is your best class but I’d suggest Metal Sword (much better with a Critical Ring) for your best damage dealer. Just that setup is enough to destroy most (if not every) boss.
    Don’t get any of the Armors from there until you have all best weapons from coin store (optional dungeons give good equipment and although they’re not as great as Coin Shops but they’re enough to make your way easier.

    You’ll want one of the strongest weapons off Coin Shop (don’t really know how much easier bosses are on normal difficulty because I played the game on hard mode except first grind area) for some bosses.

    If you happen to have 150 LLP then get Critical Ring from store (best to get it as early as possible because it’s making every Damage type attack always critical so metal enemies are easily killed and one shooting enemies becomes easier.

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    The advice from Mastertrek is solid.  However, unless you wish to maximize your progress in the infinite battle against the goddess at the top of the Shrine of the Goddess, it really doesn’t matter what you get.  But for the battle against her, I suggest 2 Critical Ring and as many status mask+ as you can afford.  You need the two critical rings for your two best attackers, and you wish to avoid status impairments so that everybody always gets a turn.

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    You’re absolutely right 🙂 The game is made up so everything that you get in each town is good enough to beat everything you’ll be facing. Critical Ring is one of the few items that are extremely helpful for metal hunting (best place is 26-30 floor of the Goddess Shrine but the game has similar way as Dragon Sinker at early xp farming).

    The topic isn’t about optional bosses but Coin Shop only so everything that can be bought for 200 Coins is better than the best equipment and armor from chests in optional dungeons. Most equipment in Coin Shop are available to get in Chests or normal shops except a few items like Status Ring + (never used it though).

    I am sure that “IAP wheel” equipment like Apollo armor are even stronger but it’s not a good idea because the game doesn’t have any Uber hard place like some games have and the game provides everything in either Coin Shop or Chests.

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    If you going to hunt/grinding mental monster,you don’t really need to buy critical ring. Just max out 1 berserker(i change Melvin job to berserker) cause they can buff critical to 50% when use skill “just hit” on Lucas ( hero job have 25% critical+speed need) that’s how i managed to kill them with 1 hit by Lucas

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    You’re absolutely right but critical ring speeds up things and works with any given class and skill that deals damage (as well as guaranteed critical hit every single time).

    Of course that’s a great way if you’re saving DRP but in Shop there’s nothing that’s better than Critical Ring (maybe battle encyclopedia x4 if a person grinds for EP).

    But that’s an awesome strategy xd

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