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    Why are some skills crossed out with an x in battle. I can’t find an answer to it anywhere.


    I think that the specific skills are available to use only at specific situation.

    Example : Angel Healing (Angel Job ability) revives and heals every K.O’d person. If there’s no one in the party K.O’d, you can’t use that skill.

    All Damage-type skills are available to use always as long as you have enough MP to use them.

    Icons beside skill show if it’s a Weapon-specific skill, Job specific skill or magic healing /damaging skill. Icons depend on the job and weapon type.

    Where did you see that happening? I didn’t see it at all. Maybe because I never had a need to change jobs.

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    Crimson Rudra

    the red X means you have the skill but the job the skill is for is not of the right rank teir to use the skill


    berserker skills can only be used by berserkers and chevaliers but not by warriors, if you have an x you just need to get the job rank to the proper teir


    rank 1 – 5 is on tier, adding another rank up will put the class to the next teir

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    Oh, that’s why I only saw that x once. 🙂

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