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    (in Progress 98%. To be added : screenshots, text improve /edit)

    • This is a mini faq for Idol/Superstar Job. I will show Idol/Celebrity/Superstar Growth Plates as well as information about Job Skills and Stat ups.


    First of all: Do not buy Celebrity or Superstar Seeds until you have 3 of the earlier Job seeds because you will need to be a Superstar to use the skills from Superstar Growth Plates. 

    Idol Job will be available to use for each character as soon as you use its seed but the job won’t have any abilities until you learn it from the Growth Plate. 

    • To max out all abilities you need:

    3 Idol Seeds -> 3 Celebrity Seeds – > 3 Superstar  Seeds.

    • The cost of each Seed and total LLP cost to max out the Job:

    Idol Seed: 200 LLP (600 LLP Total)

    Celebrity Seed: 300 LLP (900 LLP Total) 

    Superstar Seed: 400 LLP (1200 LLP Total) 

    Total Cost: 2700 LLP

    Idol Job innate abilities :

    Sheer Effort : Wait time reduced by 5%/15%/25% (Level 1/2/3). 5% is innate ability level which increases each time you level up the job.

    Star’s Dignity : AA: 10%/30%/50% chance parameters up at the start of the battle. (Superstar Job required)

    Idol Growth Plate:

    Stats increased by maxing out growth plate : HP+20, MP+10, STR+2, VIT +3, SPD+ 2. INT +2 (Mastery: INT+4)


    Courageous Song: AA: ATK & INT up. Restores 5% MP each turn in battle. MP cost: 40/30/20 (level 1/2/3)

    Healing Song: DEF up. Restores 5% HP each turn in battle. MP cost: 35/25/15 (level 1/2/3)

    Idol/Superstar Rank up! (until Superstar job is maxed)


    Celebrity Growth Plate:

    Stats increased by maxing out growth plate:

     HP+ 20, MP+ 20, STR+ 2, VIT+ 1, INT+ 3, SPD+ 3 (Mastery: INT+ 6)


    Loud Cheer: AA: Deals damage. Plus, paralysis. STR: 140/170/200. MP cost: 24 (Level 1/2/3

    Star Aura: 1A/AC/AA: Damage received is halved.  MP cost: 50. (Level 1/2/3Level up affects more allies)

    Superstar Growth Plate:

    Stats increase by maxing out growth plate:

    HP+ 30, MP+ 25, STR+2 ,  VIT+2 , INT+6 , SPD +3 (Mastery: INT +10)


    Star’s Voice: AA: Deals Damage. Plus, paralysis. Damage: 230/260/290. MP cost: 160

    Fan’s Murder: 1E: Deals damage 6x/7x/8x. Plus, swoon. Strength: 65. MP Cost: 180

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    Getting close to completing it. 🙂

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    Crimson Rudra

    hmm looks like the idol class is a strong support class…. to bad its healing is so easily bested by lion heart and sage


    but that wait time reduction is just golden…… holy does that make speed builds stronger both innates are great for any party set up, with favor for no character type….. something tells me that a high speed bandit might be able to do steal with no wait time with that innate


    I’ll check it out with my party how much turns Brigand King gets before anyone else with that boost (Note that it I’ll remove any equipment to make it a little more fair. Another thing is that Star’s dignity buffs STR/VIT/SPD/INT with a chance so usually the whole party will have faster fights)


    It’s healing 5% health/mana isn’t very useful (Star’s dignity once the Superstar job is maxed out goes to any job which makes using these buffs less useful) because it’s Idle healing which is usually less effective unless we get several turns before an enemy which mostly results in being OP. 


    For me both Idol and Angel Jobs have fantastic innate abilities and if we had A Brigand King with both jobs maxed then he would essentially be twice as fast. 


    Think about how much better a slower character would be with both job innates 🙂 Just as fast as Brigand King while still doing insane damage.


    Also innate ability Lurk speeds up character who gets his/her health lower up to 1.5x speed as long as he hasn’t got full health (sadly this is not useful late game when you instantly can have around 15-20% health restore each turn. 

    With all those boosts and buffs in battle a speed of 500 might change to around 1250 for a short time. 

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    So I checked on the post game boss and Melvin was hitting 2.5x times faster than 2nd fastest character, Elodie and with 611 base speed he was hitting 6 times on the said boss. Didn’t try it on Infinite Pentacle because I didn’t want to go there again.

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    Crimson Rudra

    did you take into account the lion heart’s innate where it buffs all heroes in the same rows stats by 15% in that calculation?


    I didn’t see it because when I played I wasn’t paying attention what innate abilities each job gives.. And I probably missed some abilities as well although all normal jobs mastered.

    Welcome 😇

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