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    Roughly halfway through the game, characters all L44. Having played a ton of RPGs like this one, I just dove right in and started playing, making guesses on which plates I should use based mainly on the weapon being displayed with the plate.

    Got Lucas, Iria, Melvin, and Elodie in what I think is their intended jobs: Berserker, Sage, Brigand King, and Wizard.

    Starting to get these Mystic plates and I don’t know what to do with them. I can’t tell what that little symbol is at their bottom left (is that a hand making an ok sign?) so I don’t know which character they are best suited for.

    Is there a list of which plates go with which jobs? Or doesn’t it really work that way? I admit I haven’t quite figured out how it DOES work, I’m just applying the plates where they seem to most logically fit. But those mystic plates have me sort of “mystified”. sorry, corny joke.

    And oh, btw, I assume those “claw” weapons are if you intend to make a monk. I did read that you can play the whole game without switching jobs so thats what I’m planning. Just making sure bc I have some of those claws piling up from drops and I don’t want to sell them if I’m going to want them later.


    There’s no specific best plate for each job because you get them randomly. You’ll still want to max out most jobs regardless of which you use because you’ll get shared ability for maxing out job.

    You can beat the game without switching jobs but I’m not sure if that works well if you’re not grinding for a while (I’m pretty sure it’s possible). 


    So to sum it up, every Growth Plate is useful for every character (only up to the point where you maxed it out. There’s a spreadsheet already for almost all growth plates Stat ups which can be useful when you want to build stats for a person. But late game will still want all party members to have similar stats in their job Strongest Stat like STR for Berserker/Hero/Dragonite or INT for Priest/Mage etc. 


    Remember to save all Coins in Coin shop for best equipment in game (even 1 of the strongest weapon for job is enough to one-shot most enemies and final/optional bosses can be easier to deal with. 

    Welcome 😇



    where is this spreadsheet?

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