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    Hi everybody ! I would loot this plates for upgrade the Melvin’s strength (his job is Brigand King) but i don’t remember where i can loot Berserker plate. Martial arts is more or less easy in the Goddess Shrine but this isn’t enough.

    I’m waiting for your answers :), thank you in advance !

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    berserker plates can be droped from any enemy starting in the desert and becomes more common along with the other tier 3 plates the further in the story you go, best place i believe to get the teir 3 base 4 jobs plates is in the 3rd secret area


    though if you have melvin as a brigand king the brigand king plates should be enough to buff his strength while also keeping his speed high since it gives the second best strength among all plates next to the martial arts plate III and the high dragonian (though berserker plates still hold the best over all strength gains per point of EP)


    If you don’t have the best Coin Shop Equipment, get it for everyone so that’ll give you great boost in strength:)

    Welcome 😇

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