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    Hi, I was gonna change my phone from pixel to pixel2



    Is there anyway to export or transfer the savegame from 1 device to another?




    You can’t transfer save games from one device to other in most (if not all) Kemco games by normal means (I don’t know about iOS). The game doesn’t support cloud save (only achievements unlocked stay there). I didn’t see anything when I played it and when I cleared it I deleted the game.

    Welcome 😇


    That’s sad 🙁



    Is there any non normal ways to save it? I don’t want to lose my progress 🙁


    Most games can’t, but a few actually have savegames (or rater, files which looks like savegames) in Android/Data.


    The path would be Internal > Android > Data > kemco.developer.gamename > files

    For example, Asdivine Kamura. You can find several files called savedata in Internal > Android > Data > kemco.execreate.asdivinekamura > files.

    Legends of Tetrarchs have .sav files in Android/Data/kemco.hitpoint.legerrior/files, as well. But another Unity Game, Descent of Kings, doesn’t.


    And some older (or even not that older) games like Asdivine Cross or Journey to Kreisia, simply can’t be found there. The folders might even be empty.


    Also, given I never tried transferring them, I can’t say if copy-pasting them would work or not; But might be worth a shot.

    NOTE: In past, some people were trying to use Helium but they never said if it was successful or not.

    NOTE 2: I don’t have Dragon Lapis installed, you’ll need to check that folder out yourself and tell us if it have anything or not >.>

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