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    Do they appear more anywhere? I’ve only gotten 8 peddler plates and 6 merchant plates total after grinding about 15 hours in mid-plate areas ( 2nd metal area for 12 hours ) I have like 20 capitalist plates though, and yes I know i dont need peddler or merchant but i want to have all the skills.

    Right now I’m climbing the goddess tower, half way up and I’m just wondering if the rest of the game is just getting spammed high tier weapon and first 6 class plates (chev, sage, sorc, brigand, paladin, alchemist) the mystic, clairvoyant, peddler, merchant plates have been the hardest to find, capatalist plates are too common, and psychic plates are just uncommon enough to be mildly annoying, but I spent 10 hours just grinding for 10 mystic, knight, soldier and clairvoyant plates, and now near the endgame the game us just loading me up with stat boosts but not the class upgrades I need

    As for plate location knowledge I can say that all tier 1 plates excluding soldier, mystic, peddler are pretty easy to get, if you think you want to maximize on the class tier bonuses like extra damage, mp conserving, hp regen, mp regen, better magus stones, better drops, taken damage reduction. Best class levels for all are chev, sage, mage (sorc for magic users), paladin, psychic, alchemist for your healers, brigand, capatalist, hunt for low tier plates in any early dungeon, the Lodun mine is a good start, icer cave is also good.

    Tier 2 plates are also pretty easy to come by, the problem plates are still knight, clairvoyant, merchant, you’ll grow best by grinding in the 2nd metal area, a forest ( west of the town you visit after the desert / wasteland area)

    High tier plates are so common in late game ( after you start heading back east towards the castle after the desert ) but psychic and paladin plates are the two least common


    So after all that my question is do peddler and merchant plates appear anywhere at a slightly higher rate?



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    Best way to farm Plates is to set fights in a way that you can kill enemies instantly and as fast as possible.

    Don’t hoard on the Plates as you can have only 24-25 Pages of Plates at any given time. So priority is to farm EP from Goddess Shrine (That is the Final Dungeon, with the “strongest” enemies, Metal Enemies at Top Floors are a must to kill every time) and getting all Skills and Jobs to Max Level. Unless you are for the Endless Challenge you can beat everything without a single Class Change. 

    Also, you can use Spreadsheet which shows all Stats any given Plate gives. You need at least 12 Plates to get a Level max on Specific Plate Skills for all characters, you can use Low Tier Plates for Job Maxing and after that you can focus on Stat Improvement. Note : Premium Plates have cool abilities (Made topics on both Premium Jobs) but you don’t need them at all. Stats, Critical Rings and Equipment are all you need to win. 

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    I’m on floor 16 of goddess shrine, I have all jobs maxed on each character besides certain useless ones, level 88, brigand with crit ring and the x9 random dagger skill always beats everything it hits, sometimes I see 1 mil damage I think, if he misses one, meteor from sorcerer kills it. It’s been this way since 2nd metal area where I grinded before heading west to the castle, after doing the fort to head into the tunnel to the castle, I went back and re-grinded for 15 hours, I’m at 62 now.


    I’m just asking about peddler and merchant plates





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    I encountered the same problem during my playthrough late-game. At least Peddler Plates seem to be dropped more frequently in Flobourn Tunnel (the underground dungeon that connects Impervia Fortress and Royal City). Merchant Plates are dropped here, too, but very, very rarely. Nevertheless, this was the only “mid-tier plate location” where I found them at all late-game, so I’m afraid they’re rare drops no matter where you look.

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