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    There are tons of job classes to choose from in Dragon Lapis, although you will have to unlock some of them through quests before you can actually change into them.

    Here is a short list of classes, followed by a more in-depth look on the next section.


    Tier 1 and Tier 2 Classes:

    Job Class


    Where to Find


    Hero-in-Training You start with this, albeit with no skills at first. Only Lucas can use this.
    Dragonite You start with this when Iria joins you. Only she can use this.
    Warrior After the battle when Melvin joins you temporarily.
    Priest You start with this when Iria joins you. (she has this by default)
    Thief After Melvin joins you for good in the Royal City. (he has this on by default)
    Mage After Elodia joins you in Hamval Hamlet. (she has this on by default)
    Soldier Reward from Quest in Snodin Village
    Peddler Reward from Quest in Frostbit Village
    Pharmacist Reward from Quest in Desolan Village
    Mystic Reward from Quest in Withurlif Village
    Idol IAP-only. Costs 200 LPP per Growth Plate.
    Messenger IAP-only. Costs 200 LPP per Growth Plate.
    Job Class


    How to Unlock


    Hero Master the Hero-in-Training class.
    Hi-Dragonite Master the Dragonite class.
    Berserker Master the Warrior class.
    Acolyte Master the Priest class.
    Robber Master the Thief class.
    Wizard Master the Mage class.
    Knight Master the Soldier class.
    Merchant Master the Peddler class.
    Chemist Master the Pharmacist class.
    Clairvoyant Master the Mystic class.








    Unless indicated otherwise, Growth Plates for most of the above classes are only obtained as random rare drops from monsters. The Hero-in-Training, Hero, Dragonite and Hi-Dragonite Growth Plates are found only in chests, and when obtaining certain Dragon Lapis in the story.

    Tier 3 classes:

    Job Class


    How to Unlock


    Lionheart Master the Hero class.
    Neo-Dragonite Master the Hi-Dragonite class.
    Chevalier Master the Berserker class.
    Sage Master the Acolyte class.
    Brigand King Master the Robber class.
    Sorceror Master the Wizard class.
    Paladin Master the Knight class.
    Capitalist Master the Merchant class.
    Alchemist Master the Chemist class.
    Psychic Master the Clairvoyant class.


    * Most plates for these classes are obtained as random rare drops and treasure loot in late-game regions. As with their preceding classes, the Lionheart and Neo-Dragonite Growth Plates are ONLY found as loot and from obtaining the final Dragon Lapis in the story.

    Now, let’s look at each class individually!



    == Hero ==
    Tiers of progression: Hero-in-training –> Hero –> Lionheart
    (Exclusive to Lucas)
    Equipment: Sword, Armor, Mail

    Of course, as in every EXE-Create RPG, the hero must always be someone with a sword, right?

    Just as with the previous hero in Dragon Sinker, Lucas is armed with several anti-dragon skills. Which is a good thing too, since many of the “hidden” bosses happen to be dragons, including the first one you meet in the Goddess Shrine (post-game area). The Hero has a large amount of HP and STR growth, but is sorely lacking in SPD. If you are desperate to make up for the loss in speed, train Lucas in the Thief job tiers on the side.

    Skill-wise, Lucas has both offensive and defensive measures. He can not only deal damage and debuff ATK (via Mega Slash), he can also heal. His heal also targets all allies, but can be quite cost-heavy the moment you first receive it.

    The offense in this class doesn’t really show until Tier 2 (Mega Slash), so you may also have to sub in some EP into Sword Art growth plates. Until you can max the
    Lionheart tier, Mega Slash (from this class) and Tri-Slash will be your primary offense on non-dragons.

    Of special note is the “Hero Potential” auto-skill, which increases Lucas’s damage depending on how many subquests you have completed. This is another reason why you should do them all: so you can inflict tremendous amounts of damage with him!

    == Dragonite ==
    Tiers of progression: Dragonite –> Hi-Dragonite –> Neo-Dragonite
    (Exclusive to Iria)
    Equipment: Manifer, Mail, Robe

    This may be a first that the main female in an EXE-Create game isn’t pigeonholed into a support role, unlike Mia, her predecessor from Dragon Sinker.

    The Dragonite job has a little better SPD and STR growth than the Hero, but it doesn’t have as much HP growth as with other melee-based jobs, so it’s a bit prone to dying from high-powered attacks. It comes with both physical and magical ways to deal damage, which is fitting as manifers have both ATK and INT modifiers. This job can debuff both DEF (Destructive or Angry Fist) and INT (Searing or Dragon Breath).

    In most situations, Iria can deal a *lot* more damage to most non-dragons than even Lucas with maxed out Lionheart job, especially with a Critical Ring on, due to her passive skill “Dragon Miracle” that increases damage from critical hits. Her later offensive skills (primarily her AoE breaths) can be pretty MP-intensive at first, so you may want to give her Martial Arts plates for a lower-cost alternative, or possibly train a bit in Mage or Priest classes on the side for more MP. By the endgame, once you have collected all of the Dragon Lapis, the Dragon skills will be quite painful for your enemies, especially when combined with a Critical Ring.

    == Warrior ==
    Tiers of progression: Warrior –> Berserker –> Chevalier
    Equipment: Sword, Mail

    Because every RPG demands a beatstick.

    Not much to say about this class. You hit hard and you hit well. Be mindful that, unlike the Soldier (and for Lucas, the Hero) job, you can’t wear heavy armor, so
    you’re not exactly invincible versus physical stuff. Some passives that you learn on higher tiers include inflicting additional damage when your HP is low, so this semi-fragile state isn’t exactly a bad thing.

    Your beginning offensive skills aren’t much to speak of, so whomever is your Warrior might want to go into Sword Art plates for a wider variety of offensive options.

    == Priest ==
    Tiers of progression: Priest –> Acolyte –> Sage
    Equipment: Staff, Robe

    And behind every meat shield is a healer right there to heal him. Or her.

    Although Iria starts in this, once Lucas learns his healing abilities from the Hero job, a dedicated healer is not as necessary. MP growth is great, along with INT (not as high as Mage, but high enough to make the healing worthwhile). As expected from a healing job, HP and DEF are pretty poor, albeit they’re not as fragile as Mages are.

    This job also gains a passive that allows the user to deal extra damage to demons, although the Priest by itself isn’t much of a damage dealer on its own. Still, the
    passives from this job alone makes it worthwhile to train up for Iria alongside the Dragonite job. HINT: The final boss is a demon and will take even more damage if you have this passive!

    == Thief ==
    Tiers of progression: Thief –> Robber –> Brigand King
    Equipment: Dagger, Mail, Robe


    That’s pretty much the best description I can give this job. The Thief doesn’t even learn any damaging skills until late in the game, but the few damage skills it does have are quite worthy of being there. Shadow Pin hurts all enemies, and poisons and paralyzes everyone still not dead. With enough STR, a Thief can easily wipe an enemy group in the first round before anyone else gets a move.

    Because the Thief has no real offense until later, your Thief should also train up on Dagger Art plates for some early-game dagger attacks. Even Stinger is much better than mere auto-attacking. This job line has the best SPD growth; whoever is in charge of auto-wiping trash mobs (for farming) should train in this job tier even if he/she won’t actually be using the Thief skills.

    == Mage ==
    Tiers of progression: Mage –> Wizard –> Sorceror
    Equipment: Staff, Robe

    The first magical damage dealing class you gain access to, right alongside Elodia herself.

    Unless you keep up with INT growth, the damage from this job alone will start to pan out later in-game, albeit the utility from the Cauldron spells is great to manage against large groups in non-boss battles. The Cauldron spells not only damage all enemies, but also apply poison and paralyze. It’s more cost-heavy than the Ice tier of spells, but definitely more worthwhile to use against non-bosses.

    == Soldier ==
    Tiers of progression: Soldier –> Knight –> Paladin
    Equipment: Sword, Armor, Mail

    Unlike Warrior, this job is a true meat shield in every sense of the word. This job is all about tanking and avoiding damage. And unlike the Warrior, this job can actually wear heavy armor.

    == Peddler ==
    Tiers of progression: Peddler –> Merchant –> Capitalist

    WIP; no experience in this class.

    == Pharmacist ==
    Tiers of progression: Pharmacist –> Chemist –> Alchemist
    Equipment: Staff, Robe

    The Pharmacist is a weird mixture of the Mage and the Cleric tiers. It has various methods to not only deal damage but also recovery and apply support buffs, but all skills require various items for their effects. This is usually the items “Formula” along with various powders and other restorative items.

    This class is probably best utilized later rather than earlier, because the cost of maintaining the necessary items to use the Pharmacist skills can be quite annoying for early players. If you do insist on using this class before your money coffers reach past 200,000G total, you should also consider ranking the Peddler class alongside this one in order to reduce buying costs, though the Pharma License auto-skill will help some in cutting down restocking costs.

    == Mystic ==
    Tiers of progression: Mystic –> Clairvoyent –> Psychic

    WIP; no experience in this class.

    == Idol ==
    Tiers of progression:

    WIP; no experience in this class.

    == Messenger ==
    Tiers of progression:

    WIP; no experience in this class.


    By the way, this doesn’t mean I’m back. I may have a new tablet, but it’s an Amazon Fire HD 10 so the only Kemco games I can play are all the premium-priced ones (and I don’t have much to choose from, they’re all relatively old). I had this laying around on my hard drive while I was actively playing Dragon Lapis but never got to finish this guide, so I thought I might as well put all the data I have so far and hope someone else can finish any sections of my in-depth analysis on the classes.

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