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    When is the arena unlocked?

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    Its unlocked the moment you returm to Orelle City and complete Orelle castle dungeon.

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    IIRC, it is when you get the ship and are to return to Orelle City….Main Quest 27-ish. It might have been open earlier, but the recommended level for Beginner Easy is Level 45.  Items are added to the exchange (the NPC to the left of the arena desk) as you complete Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Master.

    The second arena,  the one behind the locked gate, isn’t available until post-game.

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    Been a long time follower of this site (yes I know Lurker alert!) Love Kemco games a lot and this is my go to for any and all info. This is my first time posting as I have been searching for a way to get more Reset Fruit. I think I may be over looking something but I can not seem to find any more than the 20 in the chests throughout the game. Checked in app store, in post game and looked after clearing all arena (not appearing in shop), not sold in game at any of the locations, does not drop from any monster (catalog full), and opened all chests save for the ones behind the 10 locked doors. Each job/class to max skills out would take (3 fruit x 4 characters x 10 classes {includes 2 special ones})= 120 total fruit – 20 given in chests = 100 more Reset Fruit to garner max class skills. If anyone knows or could point me in the right direction it would be very much appreciated!

    Also a side note with the stat board unless there is a way to get another board do not bother with SP increase items just sell them. Sitting at 775 level with full boards and now have over 3000 unspent points.

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    I couldn’t find any other Reset Fruit either. I’ve even tried stealing from mobs and bosses.

    You don’t really need to use any Reset Fruit. (Or all the classes… though Mage Hunter, and especially Lumberjack, I found to be useful.)

    It’s tough for those of us who NEED to complete every little thing in a game…yep, that’s me. Several things about this game seem incomplete. It’s like the developers weren’t finished, but the publisher said “too bad, deadline, you’re done.”

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