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    1. where is traveling physician
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    Hi Karen,

    It’s been so long since I played this game, the best I can do is to refer you to the subquests page, and this tidbit from quest 23:

    Description: If we can find a travelling physician, we may be able to get a Memantine from them and restore Clarke’s memories. Let us visit each settlement!

    So, he’s gotta be in one of the towns; I just don’t remember which one.  😳

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    Does anyone know where I can find the traveling physician so I can get the memantine stone? I have been searching for a long time but cant find him.

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    Hi Mostarac,

    This question’s been asked before. I’m sorry to say I still don’t remember the exact location, but I know I found him so you just need to check all the towns.

    If you (or anyone else) do find him, please post the location for others. 😀

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    I don’t really remember after all that time, but I think the physician is in Fountus Town.


    As above, I can confirm the physician is in Fountus Town. He has his own little quest, after which he leaves town(and the game). But he’ll give you the memantine when you beat his quest, even if you don’t have the quest to get the memantine yet.

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