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    Hello 🙂

    I’ve been really enjoying Dragon Sinker and I was wondering if anyone took the time to try and understand the rules concerning parameter progression. What I mean is: the STR, INT, VIT and SPD parameters are influenced by what factors? Character level is an obvious one, but what about the current job, the present and the past job levels? Does each character have a different base?

    For example I wonder if a character with mastery in some physical classes would still perform decently with a magical class or if it will retain a low INT and a high STR.

    If there’s no info yet on the subject and if anyone’s interested I’ll post my findings.


    MSG Commander

    Hi Luciole,

    Welcome to the forums!

    I would “think” that each character probably has their own pre-set parameters. Those parameters are probably influenced by the current job class, and possibly by any jobs that are previously mastered. But, I didn’t pay too close attention when I was playing the game, so if you find out anything different please let us know.

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    Hi Commander,

    Thanks, that’s a really neat community you’ve got here! Makes me curious about Kemco games in general.

    I’ve ran a few tests yesterday night and that’s what I’ve found out so far (you seem to be pretty on the spot):

    • Job change radically redistributes parameters. I made a lvl. 10 thief / lvl. 7 warrior into a wizard and its parameters compared to my dedicated magic users.
    • Getting a new job level does nothing to parameters.
    • Obviously, an increase in character level produces a parameter increase. The parameter increase is tied to the current job and adjusts with job change.
    • Parameters are not just a function of character level and current job. Here’s something I tried out:
      • I made two male elves (Titus and Cromwell) knights.
      • They both had no prior experience as a knight.
      • They both had the same character level (~lvl. 40).
      • They had mastered different jobs.
      • Result: they had different parameters, although marginally. I don’t have the precise number on hand, but parameters were around 100 and the difference between characters were no more than 3 in STR, SPD and INT. VIT was the exception, with Titus (the more physical type character) enjoying a +10 advantage. The differences were coherent with their roles.

    So current job and current character level are two major factors but they don’t amount to everything. Race and gender don’t seem to explain it either. Other factors could be previous job mastery, different base parameters per character (or some other obscure shenanigan). Next time I have a character mastering a job I’ll try something.

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