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    Hi all,

    I’m considering purchasing the premium version to support the fun game and kill the adds, and wanted to know what you think I should buy with my 1000 DRP? I hate suffering from analysis paralysis, so if you just ell me what you think I should buy, it would add a lot of fun for me. Should I spend the 1000 DRP on lottery spins?

    From a play perspective, I don’t think I want to be too over-powered, and I also don’t like consumable. So what are the most FUN bonus items?


    Looking at the items, I’m thinking Job and XP doublers, and then 6 DRP lottery spins. Or 6 Dream Fragments, 3 for each leader. Would you recommend something instead?

    MSG Commander

    Hi Styrixa!

    I bought Job and XP doublers and it was alright. Made me a little OP at the end of the game but not too bad. (Plus without the Job doubler I don’t think you can learn all the job skills in one play through…)

    Others might have better suggestions…

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