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    I know that every physical skill uses HP instead of MP. Every Magic uses MP.

    Of course some people may not play just because it’s made in this way but:

    1. The party consists of a maximum of 12 people. That’s whole three Parties! And you might get some reserve people as well. Most games have less amount of people.
    2. That system works great and encourages you to invest your time to get better healing spells and most of the time only bosses might be challenging. Usually Auto button kills enemies.
    3. The system is made in good way.Almost Every skill costs you something. Magic users are strong in magic so their MP is used up. Heroes who prefer brutal force might get exhausted and thus the Health is needed.
    4. To support both types of attacks you have plenty of Jobs to choose from with passive and active skills that make the game more strategic.
    5. The maximum life lost for skills is 20% but that’s only for best skills. By that time you will already have organized your parties so each one has a support character who will neglect the skill health reduction.
    6. Often the physical skills are

    Overall the system is good and it’s perfectly adjusted in the game. Of course there’s no real need to use these skills at every fight.

    Welcome 😇

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