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    Hello this is my first post here so I’m sorry if this was already answered but… I’m currently lvl 71 and on the “true” last bonus dungeon boss after you beat “Deitus” and it says that I have to beat him 10 times and oh my God the guy is annoying. So what I would like to know if it’s worth beating him and what do I get for doing so, I already did everything on the game only thing left is to beat him 🙂 thank you in advance :).


    I agree that this bonus boss* is truly a pain. I was about 10 levels higher than you and only made it halfway. On easy.** :whistle: Hopefully, some of the strategy geniuses*** here in the forum will come up will a way to whoop those pixels into oblivion! 😆

    *Enah from the Alphadia series.

    **But I do have an excuse…I was just leveling up jobs and had Bakers for all the followers. I thought I’d see what the final boss was like. I came. I saw. I died. A lot. So, not a winning plan. 😛

    ***Just about anyone but me.

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Thanks a bunch!! :cheer: I guess I’ll just wait for someone to beat her then and hope that they’ll post here the “rewards” (not that at this point in game there will any use for it anymore right 😛 ) until then I’ll be playing Glorious Savior 🙂 .

    MSG Commander

    Hi Ebby,

    I don’t have the answer ’cause I quit after the third “ancient hero.” But I might have a tip.

    After I mastered Revenant class, I used the scroll on Abrams, so he CANNOT DIE. :cheer: In my battle against the Dragon offspring, all other team members got annihilated but Abrams stayed strong with 1 HP.

    Against the ancient heroes, I used Magic Reflect, so of course they pretty much destroyed themselves 👿 I did still use a lot of Abrams strong physical attacks though.

    I had crap though for the rest of my team. It may be that 3 members who’ve all mastered Revenant would keep the entire party alive, but I’ve already moved on to Fantasy Chronicles on my mom’s iPad so I don’t have the motivation right now to test this theory.

    I loved the game up until the Divine Temple, but now I’m “meh, why bother?”

    So I guess like you, I’m hoping someone else will complete it and share their results with the rest of us.

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    Thanks! I guess it’s not that worth fighting it 10 times 😆 but I think I’ll try your strategy of the revenant scroll 🙂


    I don’t think Magic Reflect was at all useful in Infinity Pentacle. The bosses don’t use magic much.
    My strategy was to use 2 thieves/cats in the front, and one baker and leader in the back. (With at least the revenant and dancer autoskills for baker and leader)

    Basically, thieves/cats used the Evade All/I am Tonto!. Next turn, the Imperial Feast from baker (and a Taunt/Mark from a thief/cat). Next turn Cure from leader on baker. Rinse and repeat. When there is free time for a member, they attack. With setup like that, you are pretty much invincible unless your baker is knocked down (unfortunately, sometimes happens).

    Btw, you get absolutely nothing from beating ten in a row.


    Sigh,what a bunch of tacticless poeple-JK,i think you just need to use merchant,human king,baker and Cavaliers
    At first you need to use all support skill(to be honest i beat deitus 5-10 turn or less then that)
    At human king cast magic reflect
    At Cavaliers cast extreme limits
    At merchants cast money guard
    At baker cast chestnut glace
    Two turn
    Human king use wyrm destroyer
    Cavaliers use forsake
    Merchants use coin attack
    Baker use sumber time absolutly about this one
    Three turn
    Human king use wyrm destroyer
    Cavaliers use rhythmless
    Merchants use money cushion
    Baker use dinner time
    Alright enough with support let’s do this
    Wyrm destroyer
    Heroic Buster 2x plus critical
    Coin attack
    Dinner time
    Wyrm destroyer
    Money guard
    Chestnut glace
    And wyrm destroyer
    Heroic buster2x plus critical
    Money attack
    Dinner time
    This tactic work well for battling with that magic pentacle and work well to deitus so remember well
    Note:if that still not enough just repeat it

    This one is telling the


    “tacticless people” …. that is hilarious! 😆 😆 😆

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.

    Hehehe,my bad i was pretty tired

    This one is telling the


    I thought it was brilliant! I am totally without tactical skills. “Tacticless” describes me perfectly. I love it!

    Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.
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