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    MSG Commander

    So I started this playing just like two days ago, and I can hardly put it down. It’s a JRPG with turn-based battles and it feels just like the old NES-style games.

    You can create up to 7 characters (which is convenient, seeing as there are 7 classes), and you can have 4 characters in your party at a time. To swap out characters you just have to visit an Inn. (You also have to visit an Inn to save the game, and if you close the game in the middle of a dungeon, it won’t Auto Save, so this is not a game to play in short bursts…)

    The writing is really well done, although I’ve only made it to the second city so I’m really not sure where the story is going? Anyway, the dialog is great, and all the menu options are pretty awesome as well (status, equipment screens, etc.)

    What I like best so far is that in the first town, there’s what they call an “instanced” dungeon – a dungeon that’s completely random based on your current level. Tons of random encounters and one boss (and the boss usually kills at least one of my party members, but they can be revived at the Inn.) There’s also some treasure, and often times the random encounter enemies will drop a treasure at the end of battle. I’ve spent more time grinding in the instanced dungeon than I have actually following the story, and I love it!

    Anyway, a few basic screenshots:

    Dungeon View

    Battle Screen
    Battle Screen

    Status Screen
    Spell Books

    Equipment / Inventory Screen

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    Do you know when this game comes out on iOS? I really like the mechanics and features of this game and wishes it had an iPhone or iPad release!

    MSG Commander

    I don’t know, and to be honest, the game starts out really great but I gave up about halfway through because there was just too much grinding… But I’ll keep an eye out, and if I ever notice it’s on iOS, I’ll post it here.

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    Old Grinder

    I’ve almost completed exploring the Spinebreak Caverns. I don’t mind the grinding so much but I found the Bosses in the Dungeon at Larkwood and the Arena at Breckerton to be always more powerful than my party at any level. So far, they have been generally unbeatable. I’m on break from the Spinebreak Cavern at this moment, exploring one of the hidden locations to grind up to Level 42 so I can use “Tome: Cascading Mana 2” before going back in.

    I found that after grinding, exploring, mapping, by the time I get to the next town, I’ve already got better arms and spells from chests I found and monster drops than the ones for sale in the shops.

    Two things I discovered that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere:

    When you walk into Breckerton, go to the Main Menu and reload the autosave. Now you can walk around town to any bookshelf or cabinet that originally contained gold and the gold will be restored. You can pick up about 500 gold this way. I haven’t tried this anywhere else and it only works with gold not items.

    Certain Body Armor gives unlimited uses of a spell to the wearer. But you don’t have to equip the armor as long as it’s the correct armor for your PM class and it’s in your inventory. For example, I have a Cleric and a Sorcerer either of whom could equip the Phantasm’s Robe which is in my inventory but not equipped. Each of them is equipped with a better body armor. I just click on the Chest Icon to bring up the inventory, click on the Sorcerer at the top, click the icon for the Phantasm’s Robe and finally click the Use button. Repeat for the Cleric and both will now have the Spirit of the Phantasm effects WHICH WILL BE RENEWED AUTOMATICALLY if you are using AutoBuffs.

    I don’t know if these are bugs or features, but there they are, may as well use them.

    Grinding?  Yeah, that’s what I do.  Also mapping, but the “Old Mapper” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.



    i kind of remember similar bug in other town but it needs to be a town with lots of money. it helps at the beginning of the game. later on, it’s better to chase the secret zone on the world map. they are very complex but at least you obtain chest with great items in it. better than buy it.

    the grinding here is too much and i was at the point where it’s impossible to go further without surpassing the level of enemies by having something like level 40 but even like that, a surprise party can wipe you easily. this game is badly balanced and the author doesn’t care at all because the whole community exists and for windows phone it seems to be a must. i way prefer kemco’s because they are more enjoyable but making grinding the only aspect of a game is lame.

    i wrote to the author and it didn’t bother answering. really, it was promising up to level 25 and then…

    Android is unique

    Old Grinder

    I think “badly balanced” says it all.  Let “badly balanced” be the the epitaph when this game packs it in.

    [edit 5.24.2018]

    Possible Spoilers

    OK, I don’t usually mind the grinding, but this is getting silly.  At level 59, I can beat the boss in the Larkwood dungeon but the prize isn’t worth the effort.  Same with the Breckerton Arena gang.   The dragon in Sky Reach is still unbeatable.  According to the walkthrough, you need to get up to level 70 or so to have a chance.   I’ve explored all of the available world, all the caves and all the hidden areas.  Now I have to grind for 10 levels to beat the next boss.  This is when it stops being fun.  I quit.  I’m taking my marbles and going home.


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    Sorry, but those complaining about ‘badly balanced’ and ‘too much grinding’ I totally disagree with.

    Too many people want to dash through games as quickly as possible. That is not the idea of rpgs.

    This game is great and I will still be enjoying it on my deathbed!!

    Adrian the Wise

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    I just started playing the game and even though I know it’s going to be hard to level up or beating enemies later on but I already know a little to focus on monster dropping. Cool game, I had it once but didn’t play at all then uninstalled it.

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    A game being badly balanced that requires too much grinding is a reaspnable complaint. I have tried the game before and found myself getting burnt out over grinding.

    Justice chronicles was the worst offender where winning was based on how much time you were willing to go through so much randomess just to get what you wanted.

    While I agree that Grinding is part of RPGS, it gets tedious and fustrating when you have to beat bosses by spending time. There is no challenge in gaining levels to beat a boss. There is challenge involved when you have to beat a boss by using strategy to win.

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    I think that any game is about wasting Time on something.. Pac-Man is a game where you are endlessly eating Dots. Borderlands – Infinite Looters Shooter. Fortnite – Playing exactly one map over and over.


    I know that you mean the Grind to level up is way too big but people successfully cleared the game. Also, I think that most money later in game will come from Slots and Blackjack.


    And I like the game’s difficulty (for now). 

    All your base are belong to us.

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