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    1oldtymer did you make it to the end? Did you slay Bazul?
    I’m now at Nightmare of the Spinebreak, it’s been fun in Dragonreach so far šŸ˜‰
    I’ve noticed that it’s easy grinding for essences at the beginning of each realm. Each time i stay close to the sphere that i emerged from, walk north and east.. sometimes i get an essence within an hour.
    Returning to the sphere (or using the Dragonblade) is also easy for in between saving.
    Tip for players who just reached Dragonreach: don’t drop the phased gear. Each realm will give their own essences, which will allow you to create new stronger gear out of phased gear.
    I really wish that i could do something with all this gold.. I must be a billionaire by now, but nothing to spend it on. Yeah, sometimes i rest in Thundraka, when i’m to lazy to heal my party. Other then that.. I’d rather donate it to Smaugh.
    Question: has anyone found hidden areas’s in the Dragonreach realms?
    I’ve combed all the forests, but so far: zilch.

    There are no secret areas in Dragonreach, every place consists of part of the World Below and a dungeon you’ve been in before.

    I never got any essences outside of the Dungeons, that’s why I ended up being angry at the design at the end. And the save I had for the game got lost when my previous phone broke.

    Welcome šŸ˜‡

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