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    Yeah this game came out 4 years ago with some mixed reviews and that but I recently played and completed this game on my Samsung Galaxy phone including bonus stuff with all chars at lvl 99 and one char with maxed classes (all 8).


    I just want to start this topic off to see how many replies I get out of this (hoping the convos won’t die…) seeing as everyone doesn’t talk about this game anymore I want to ask some RPG experts/professionals about one thing (which is related to the title of this topic):

    How do I farm for rare drops which contain permanent stat boosting items?

    Do you know about these ‘miracle’ items found only on the IAP list? Well outside of it you CAN steal them from bosses but I would like it if anyone knows if possible that random encounters may drop some, if not maybe in the DLC stuff as in IAP dungeons? It could be a pain not to max out the whole party stats to 999 or higher since base stats looks like it reaches 9999 minus MP or SP stat which looks to me is fixed at 999 while dodge can only be at 100%.

    I played RPGs for years and I’m obsessed with maxing out stats and grinding for permanent stat increasing items if the game allows you to (don’t know if Disgaea allows for stat boost items since you only grind for reincarnations etc)


    Hope I get some answers or a response from somebody as I hate grinding for premium points after every 5 battles just to get 100 points!


    Although I didn’t play this game but in IAP dungeons you’ll most certainly find them (if there’s small description of that area then you can know what to expect there like Machine Knight IAP dungeons).

    Welcome 😇

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    Don’t know how I missed this post, especially since Eclipse of Illusion is one of my favorites!

    Anyway, here’s an enemy list with full drop/steal info:

    Let me know if that helps!

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    I played this game to completion twice, a few years apart.   Like MSG Commander, I liked this game.

    Yes, you can get HP to 9999 (including equipment), but forget about the other stats.  They are almost impossible to get above 500, and of course they don’t need to be anywhere close to that to defeat all enemies.

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