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    Okay, I think its pretty much confirmed that old Kemco games had good story.

    The game ended brilliantly though. It wasnt as dramatic as chrome wolf, but the story is better than any new Exe-Create game though.Unlike Chrome Wolf, the ending here is bitter sweet. And Boy the Protagonist is awesome though.

    Anyways the Gameplay is fine, you can auto battle almost every normal fight. The boss fights can easily be done with just Summoned Ar,mors lol, but I recommend to not use them in boss battles for maximum satisfaction. I for one did almost all the boss battles without Summoned Armor and sometimes you might have to do boss battles without them, since there is no way to get Energy and HP of Armors back to 100% without going to the Inn or Fighting like 30 or so battles to get them to 100%.

    Anyways, the game might look like a game straight from RPG Maker, but its good and people should give it a shot.

    Level At Which Game Completed: 70
    Total Time Elapsed:10 or so hours
    Classes Mastered: 6 Classes Mastered ( Including Ninja and Druid )
    Game Rating: 7.6/10

    MSG Commander

    Awesome. I’m playing on Hard and it’s taken 14 hours to get to the final boss. That includes all sub quests (well, the first 19 anyway) and a bit of additional grinding trying to learn all the Magick spells (which I’m still missing a few).

    I have not done the bonus material yet on this play through, but I remember the final bonus boss is one of the more difficult. (First bonus boss I ever faced where I wound up using like 3 of the Revival elixirs or whatever they’re called, that bring your whole party back and let you continue the battle.)

    I’ve taken some notes as I played, mostly on where to acquire different spells, so I’m gonna be doing a Class/Skills page hopefully today or tomorrow. I forgot to write down the rewards for all the quests, but really you have to do them all anyway if you want access to the special shop in the Hidden Village.

    Anyway this is one of those games I could gladly re-play a couple of times, up there with the Symphony games, Eve of the Genesis, and Destiny Fantasia (which I’ve started about 4 times but keep getting distracted and then when I come back, I’ve forgotten where I’m supposed to go next!)

    I do think the battles are a bit too easy though.

    P.S. There is one “cheap” way to replenish your Summon Armor. Enter the boss battle and turn on auto. Then wait for your party to die, and the game will reload right before the Boss, but your party (and Armor) will be at full health. (I only used this method once, and I didn’t auto the boss battle I actually died, but then when the game reloaded I was like, “Oh, well now that I have my Summon Armor for this battle, you’re going down!”) 😛

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    Did a powerplay on Hard Mode, and lol the game is still easy, but still, I almost got all the Magicks ( 95% lol ). Might Replay it after Exams and Chronus Arc.

    MSG Commander

    I finished (well, the game, but not bonus material) on level 56, and then I was like “Okay I’ll try Hell mode…”

    Even though the game prompt says “We recommend your party to be level 70 before you start Hell mode.”

    Well, let me just say, that is one recommendation that should be taken seriously. At level 56, I couldn’t even beat the 3 thiefs in the first “boss” type battle.

    So I think Hell mode may be where the real fun is – but the downside is you have to beat the game to unlock it, so a lot of people may not be willing to spend 10-14 hours to beat the game with fairly easy boss battles, just so they can then replay the entire game in Hell mode with $#@$#!%$#%$#%#@[email protected]#!$#@%^^ boss battles. (But, maybe I’m wrong, maybe a lot of people have already done just that…)

    As a casual player, though, I would rather have tough boss battles in Normal and Hard, so that I could get the satisfaction out of my first playthrough.

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    Well the three thiefs were a breeze for me, since I was Level 70, had OP weapons, OP Max out classes lol. Ninja is by far the most useful one along with druid.

    MSG Commander

    Allow me to revise my previous post – the bonus bosses in Layrix Temple are challenging (on Hard mode at level 58. ) I am now getting the satisfaction that was lacking in the other boss battles.

    And I quite agree, ninja is very good, especially for the buffs.

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    I don’t remember much, and didn’t take notes, but I do have my spreadsheet with my final character stats. At these max levels all battles were easy.
    Name Level STR INT VIT SPD HP MP
    Ryseer 99 407 438 318 375 9202 1065
    Cougar 99 426 433 292 328 9253 1086
    Caldina 99 472 426 374 270 9999 1002
    Ferio 99 385 443 344 268 9196 1186
    Tiana 99 427 455 308 326 8814 1303

    *pssstttt* wrong game oldtymer.
    The info you gave is about the characters in Illusion of L’Phalicia.


    Hah! I just looked in my folder of games and saw “Illusion” and didn’t look close enough. This one goes back to 9/2014. So I deleted the post. I have spreadsheets like this for many of the games, because that is how I kept track of using seeds, assigning points, etc. Usually I don’t have any game notes.

    Older, but not wiser


    No problem. Better remain the folder to “L’Phalicia” since that’s more specific I think.
    Good thing you take notes during gameplay, since I don’t ( well I do, but that’s really quite rare for me to do so ) and I always forget half the things I did in games when I am replaying them lol.

    MSG Commander

    Finished the game and all bonus content on Hard mode. Took me about 18 hours total.

    I took notes of where to get different tomes in dungeons, and monsters you can learn Magick from, and I’m getting ready to publish mad lists for the game (but no location walkthrough at the moment; it’s not really needed but I might do it someday just for fun).

    I’m missing a couple enemies though, but once I publish the enemy list page, I’ll post the #s for the ones I’m missing, to keep it in the right “topic.”

    This is the second time I played this game, and I think with all the things I’ve learned about strategy, buffs, debuffs, etc. from following the forum, actually made the second play through more enjoyable for me. (And made me appreciate Ninja class much more.)

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