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    Basically just that. Stuck again and losing patience. Game isn’t that good to motivate me to try too much more. The dudes in the cave didn’t give any useful info and if there was any character that did, I must have missed it (sadly this game, unlike exe create’s, won’t let me access the main dialogue as many times as I needn, and sometimes while tapping I accidentally miss a fragment).



    I realize the original post is old, but I’m answering it in case anyone else needs to know…

    In the version I played (End of Serenity for PSP/Vita) The “Tactics” menu option lets the player talk to party members for a reminder on where to go or what to do next. The player can also change party order or change party member names anytime.

    To disable the barrier, the party has to take the airship (summoned by holding down the X button while in an open area) to three power facilities surrounding the ancient ruins. Each one is on a land peninsula attached to the central island, with only a few small squares the airship can land/take off from. After going through each power facility and turning it off, the party can just walk into the cave’s multicolored barrier and it will disappear.

    Completing a story event in Underworld Town may or may not be necessary as well.

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    Thank you! I might play the game again now with this info.


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